Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh for Pete's sake. My back is like WONKY! I know, big surprise, I'm going to need a back transplant in the next few years. I'm hoping for one from a professional dancer or something, cuz those ladies have seriously nice backs. Not that I was looking.

Nice way to start a blog post, yes?

In other news, well, take a look:

From August 2010
From August 2010

Preschool is going well. The above pictures are the boys being "paleontologist" and digging for dinosaurs. Funny kids.

Oliver is a goober, as always.
From The Diet Coke Diet
He was being my model for an upcoming Diet Coke Diet post, and decided to HAM it up.

In other OTHER news,
well life is status quo around these parts really. Nothing to report, just lovely life as always.

Yesterday, Henry and I were discussing hunting and shooting animals and how his uncle Ben does it for his job, but in our family we really don't do much hunting, and Henry looked at me with a very serious look and said, "Mommy, deep down inside my body... I wanna shoot things."

Well then.


Ken and Jen said...

haha, well, I guess you can't blame him, he is a boy. ;o) Sorry your back is hurting though, that stinks!

Yasmine said...

That is McKay. Shoots everything. Sometimes I worry, then I just think well, he's a boy. Doesn't necessarily mean mass murderer.....right?


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