Friday, August 20, 2010


So, yesterday was my 27th birthday.

And.... so?

Well, so nothing. Birthdays, when you're a kid, are like this huge build up of anticipation. You're waiting, and waiting and you start saying you're "almost" the new age, and you just can hardly wait because it is JUST such a special day.

When you're a grown up you still must be the grown up. Diapers demand changing, children still cry about weird things, and all remains pretty much status quo.

But this year, I *really* celebrated. And it was fun. A family party the night before, lunch with 2 sisters and a date with my husband.

It was FUN! I needed it.

And now I'm 27. Pushing 30, as my grandma said. THANKS for that!

And as a random aside, 3 out of my last 5 birthdays, I have been pregnant. And a fourth, I had a newborn (Little Spencer-man.) So, yeah, birthdays these days usually also mean, I'm too fat to want to have any pictures taken of myself. :)

But here's one:
From August 2010

Oliver decided that waiting for the party to START was LAME. So he took it upon himself to party like a rock star. Luckily, we caught him early on. Otherwise, I think my cake would have ended up looking like this:
From August 2010

ANYWAY, as far as birthdays go, it was good.


Camie Rae said... How stinking cute is he?! Happy birthday, btw. Pushing 30? Meh. I'm THAT's pushing 30!!! AHHH!! :)

Yasmine said...

27 is the year I had my slight freak-out about getting close to 30. After that I was fine.

Besides, 30 is the new, um, 25?

Happy Birthday!

allihartmann said...

So was I reading this and came to the conclusion... you had just turned 20 when you directed us in Up the Down Staircase. This is blowing my mind right now. Discussed it with Alex and we both are shocked. Now that we're 22 it doesn't seem like we're that far apart in age.... strange. Happy birthday!

Morgan -Ing said...

Alli- Yeah, I was actually 21. It was six years ago. It was easier to let you all think I was 28 or however old you thought I was. I had graduated from college 3 days before we moved to Menomonie. :)

Morgan -Ing said...

Oh and the fact that you and Alex are MARRIED is much weirder to me. :)

allihartmann said...

Oops... well all the better I didn't major in math I guess haha. Still though.

And yeah I s'pose that would be odd for you. It's a bit strange for me too.


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