Thursday, August 26, 2010

I hope tonight...

From August 2010
Henry (wearing Oliver's floatie) and Oliver (wearing ONE of Henry's floaties) chasing seagulls.

I hope tonight as my babies sleep that they dream of sand and sunshine. I hope they dream of waves and swimming. 

From August 2010
Spencer and Henry collecting rocks, Oliver tackling Derek.
From August 2010
Me reminding Derek that he who takes pictures of the pregnant girl in a swim suit is he who sleeps ALONE. 
From August 2010
Henry leaning on me, Spencer swimming his heart out. Me, with my farmer tan. 
From August 2010
Oliver tackling his daddy, who forgot his swimsuit. Nonetheless, he got to swim anyway!
From August 2010
Possibly the cutest picture of Oliver ever taken.

I know these little boys will probably NOT remember today, but I will. The end of summer, and an impromptu beach adventure. Cool (but not cold) water, sand, snacks, an empty (almost entirely) beach, and hours and HOURS of fun, almost no tears, no fighting, and just about the most Perfect.Day.Ever.

I hope tonight as my babies sleep that today imprints a little bit on their permanent memories as a day of all days.

A dream day at the beach.


Alisha said...

So where did you guys go? Looks like a blast although I am sure you are exhausted.

Alisa and Jared said...

What? What beach? Where??!! :)

Morgan -Ing said...

Eagle Beach at Williard Bay. It's north of Ogden. It's beautiful, and it's fresh water. I wasn't feeling the extreme salty of the Salt Lake, so this was SO nice!


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