Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poor Oliver

It has become apparent that mothering three children is impossible.

See, I *thought* Oliver was 16 months today.


Not even.

He's 15 months.

How did I skip an entire month?

I can't keep it straight.

Beyond that, Oliver thinks his name is "Oliver, Oliver!" Because he is usually far enough away from me, when he begins his shenanigans, that I have to cry, "OLIVER! OLIVER!" as I am launching myself in his direction, trying to get him to stop whatever illicit behavior he's engaging in.

So, like I said. Once your child-que hits three, keeping up is virtually impossible. Now, to be clear, I have known this since the day Oliver was born, but still, it's kind of a bummer.

But, for the record, Oliver is only 15 months old. NOT 16.

And his name is NOT "Oliver Oliver!" It's just plain Oliver.

Glad I cleared that up.


Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

I remember one of my kids' friends told me that had a new dog and they called him "Wedgie" but his name was really "Reggie" it was hilarious.

Braden said...

LOL. My kids thought they had double-names because we always called them David Benjamin! or Spencer Braden! when they were in trouble. Which was a lot.

Yasmine said...

I'm so depressed. Is it too late to send this one back? I mean, I knew three was going to rock me like a hurricane, but I really didn't need confirmation.

BloggingBills said...

Or he thinks his name is "Mr. O" and that's why he says 'O' all the time.

Stacy said...

Ok, sorry to be the weird blog stalker person that comments on all your old posts, but I laughed out loud at this one. My youngest is Max, but he is always, and I mean always called "Max Max." Don't ask me why- we shorten long names and lengthen the short ones! And I was floored when I realized he's only 21 months, and not 22. I think I'm going to skip the month thing from now on and just go with "He's gonna be 2 in November."


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