Monday, July 5, 2010

UPDATES ON MY LIFE: (I know, you've been waiting SO long for this!)

I have not yet seen Eclipse or Toy Story 3. I am fairly certain that is illegal, right?

It's not that I don't want to see either of these summer epics, it's just... it hasn't happened yet.

Toy Story 3 is because I was sick as a dog when we had tickets to go. Derek took the big boys and Oliver and I stayed home. It worked, but it meant missing it.

Eclipse. Well, my family whom I was supposed to go with are traitors and all went to see it with other people. This means that either Derek will have to suck it up and go with me, OR my sisters/mother will just have to pay to see it again.

My life is SO hard.

In other news: I picked up a doula client. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I'm fairly certain it'll be okay. I do think it will be the ONLY client I pick up from here on out for a while, but nonetheless, I am again doing the doula-thing. Weird.

In addition:
I continue to throw up in the mornings. This is offensive as I am now 18 weeks preggo. WTH? (The "h" of course stands for "heck." Sheesh.) The other day, I simply caught a whiff of some unpleasant smell, and BAM  up-chuck city. Grr. I mean, come on Squishy! Give Mommy break.

Our 4th of July was lovely, thank you for asking. We visited my sister and it was a lot of fun. Then we came home and lit off fireworks while it was still light out. (Give me a break, my kids go to bed at 7pm!)

Not much else here. I got eaten by mosquitos when we went to Spirit Lake. I'm just waiting for the West Nile Virus symptoms to show up.

In conclusion:
I need to blog more than once a week.


BloggingBills said...

You know that both Sarah and I will go see that movie again so quit-cher-bellyachin'!

Amber C said...

Morgs, I have yet to see either movie, and *GASP* am not into the Twilight series right now. I have yet to read the books or see any of the movies; I just don't care for some reason.
We set off fire works in the daylight too. Kids got eaten by skeeters, newbie and I stayed in the house where it was cool, quiet, and skeeter free.
Glad you had a great weekend! As your Ma posted, you're going so don't fret...but we do like to complain when we can. Love y'all lots!


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