Thursday, May 6, 2010

TGi... Thursday?

I hate it when I think it's Friday and it's not.

But then again, who the heck cares if it's Friday or not? I mean, seriously, when I was a kid, Friday was the BEST! School was always more fun, dinner was always leftovers or if we were REALLY lucky, "Bag-o-burgers" from Burger King, and then... oh my oh my, TGIF on ABC. Remember that? The shows! I LOVED it all.

In college, Fridays meant movies, dinners out, parties, dances, SO MUCH FUN.

Then when I was a working woman, Friday was the day I cut out by 2pm. Everyone in the office cut out at by 2pm. I didn't feel guilty in the slightest.

AHHHH Friday.

Well, today is Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday. And to that I say again, "Who cares?"

As a stay-at-home mom, the days matter not. Saturday is EXACTLY the same as Friday. There is no joy in reaching the end of week, no hard-earned weekend to breathe a sigh of relief. My kids will wake me up at the same time they always do. They will demand breakfast, and poop their pants.


One nice thing is that husbands are usually around on weekends, which makes Fridays a nice thing to look forward to.

But really, if I mourn ONE thing that I have given up to be a mother to my children, it is the loss of the THRILL of Friday.

So, in the spirit of rekindling that fire for Friday, tomorrow I shall eat good food with good friends and celebrate that it is FRIDAY!

And then watch the TV shows I missed on Hulu.

Some things never change. :)


Alice said...

Always remember the grass is always greener on the other side. I totally want your life. I want to chase kids around and change poopie diapers. Ok, maybe not that last part but I totally want to be doing what you do! I can't wait for every day to be the same! :

I want to hang out with you and watch TV and eat good food. How's Saturday? :)

BloggingBills said...

I so love Friday that we celebrate every Friday morning at calendar math time. We say, "Today is FRIDAY!" and cheer. And we sing the 'No school tomorrow' song while walking out the door. I totally became a teacher for Friday early out days and SUMMER VACATION.
But I know how you feel about stay-at-home-mom Fridays. But Friday night meant no one had to get up and get to school the next day. Play practice, or games, or something else, yes, but no lunches, no school, ahhhh, Friday night.

Braden said...

Great post, Morgan. Enjoy that food!

Pink Martini said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by to visit and comment. You will get your Fridays back when your kids get older and are in school. I long for the 'sameness' of each young mommy day but I know what you mean. Happy Mother's Day! :) xoxo

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm sure you can find a way to make Fridays special. Just might require a little more imagination ;)

Anonymous said...

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