Monday, May 3, 2010

It is with great regret...

that I must inform you I can't post pictures of our fantastic weekend, because Derek isn't here and he took the laptop. So the pictures will just have to wait.

Instead, I think I shall enlighten you all as to the fun fun FUN that is my life at the moment.

Our garden has outgrown it's little seedling pots. But as it SNOWED all weekend, I think it's best that we replant in bigger pots and await spring. Cuz it ain't here yet!

I love one-year-olds. Oliver is in that stage where he has discovered his opinions and doesn't care for mine anymore. He is adorable and funny. He grunts and says, "OH!" most of the time to share his opinions. It's so fun. He doesn't talk back yet, just checks to make sure the ground is soft, then flings himself dramatically upon the floor and sobs when he doesn't get what he wants. I know it sounds weird, but I love it! It's hilarious.

Henry and Spencer are slowly (and I do mean SLOWLY) earning toy airplanes via marble jars. It would be going well, except I perpetually forget to offer marbles for good deeds and behaviors. They each have to have 20 marbles. It's going to take until July at this point. Aren't you SO impressed with my follow-through?

Mom of the YEAR! I am expecting the announcement via Facebook any day now. Mom of the YEAR!

Derek is very busy trying to ascertain what kind of statistical-something-or-other to run on his survey-do-hickey for that big-butt-dissertation of his. His is a life of poetry, I tell you what.

And me? Welp, my pants don't button and I'm hungry. End of story.

So, see? Aren't you so glad you clicked on over today? You'd have missed all that!

You're welcome.


Amber C said...

It's Okay Morgs. My pants don't fit well either, and their maternity already. *sigh*

I love your boys and their antics! So cute! Tell Derek to hurry and get home so you can post pix! Love him too. I know he's working hard, especially since he's fielding calls about family business, teaching and working on his dissertation. Such a hard worker! Yay, finally! (stems from childhood with him and some people's laziness) So, GO EAT and don't fret about the pants. That's what elastic waistbands are for!

TJDKG said...

I miss you guys.. and those cutie boys! Seriously do. You up and move and I miss out on the Oliver tantrums? No fair..

Braden said...

I've missed coming to your blog lately. Kind of crazy. Hearing the mere word "dissertation" makes me break out into a sweat and get hives. Good luck. My pants don't fit so well either, but sadly, not because I'm brining a life into the world...


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