Monday, May 10, 2010

In which I take off my pants!

So, today I met Baby #4. And for being a little white sort of squishy looking thing, he's awful cute! (I say "he" because, really what ELSE am I going to say?"
I love midwives. With whom else could I speak frankly and openly about conceiving babies, uterus tilting, fertility and whether or not I wear my seat belt 100% of the time (I do!) all while she's um... examining things? AND on the first date?

Who, I ask? 

No one, unless they buy me dinner first. 



So, we (and by "we" I mean "she") was looking around diligently for my littlest child without any luck. 

"Good grief" she declared. "Where is your uterus?" 

"Um... I am absolutely certain that the last time anyone checked, it was in there." I replied. 

"Hmm," she continued. "It must be very tilted. Or you're not as far along as we thought." 

"Oh no," I countered. "I know exactly when this baby came about..." I said sounding very certain. 

Which is how I found myself looking at my youngest offspring on a big flat screen TV. The old-fashioned "feel it out" method wasn't cutting it. The midwife had NO clue how big the baby was or even a due date by simple glance, but at the very least, she found "cardiac activity" which was a relief. Because waiting for someone to swish something around on my tummy to FIND said cardiac activity causes me to have cardiac issues of my own. 


But she found him (of course we don't really know if he's a him, but bear with me). 

And so, I went and got a sandwich in celebration. 

How ELSE would I have celebrated? I mean, really. 

What a blessing. A real live baby, as the midwife called him. 

And we shall dub him, "Squishy" and he shall be mine. 

Love you Squishy!


Alisa and Jared said...

glad they found Squishy!

The Wolford Family said...

Woo Hoo Go Squishy!!!! Glad all seems good!!!

Kim said...

Squishy is a girl, I can feel it.

Chelsea said...

I'm with Kim.
All your others were Zoltrons and they turned out to be boys. If this one's Squishy... that's an entirely different ball game. A girly ball game in which the outfits are pink and frilly... with glitter! (Okay, no... that was a little gross.)

Melissa said...

I hate that moment while you wait for them to find Squishy! It took a while to find my AJ too. Glad to hear things are going well for you and Squishy. And, BTW, I LOVE how you write (type, whatever). If only I could figure out how to stop myself from blabbing I go again. I'm done. Goodbye.


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