Friday, April 9, 2010

Kindred Spirits

So, today, I made a new best friend.

Her name is Donna.

Can I just tell you that when Donna and I met, I wasn't super sure that we were "kindred spirits," know what I mean?

I mean Donna was a leetle bit grumpy upon our first greeting. See, Donna was in a sort of customer-service-type position, and I was the customer-type-person.

And when I smiled nicely (I AM ALWAYS NICE!) and asked what was up, she told me, "I am VERY busy, it will be at least 20 minutes!"

Now, let's just understand one thing, I was at Labor and Delivery of a hospital at this point. I have been to MANY L&Ds in my life because well, that's kind of my job. So, there I was, doing what I do best-ish, and Donna was having NONE of that. NONE, I say.

So, I waited, and checked my email on my fancy-schmancy phone and listened to a pregnant girl talk to her doctor about her upcoming induction that day.

When Donna FINALLY decided that she was done being busy, we went back to her little office and chatted.

Can I just tell you that I had to pull out ALL my doula tricks? I smiled, I was polite, I asked nice questions, I nearly killed her (and myself) with kindness.

And wouldn't you know? It worked. I made a new friend today. I know because Donna referred to me as her "new friend" when I left.

AND she gave me her cell phone number.

See? New friend.

In other news: I do believe that there is an entire box of kleenex dispersed around the back of my minivan due to Henry "having TOO MANY BOOGERS" yesterday.

I also do believe that there are 23 empty McDonald's cups in size large due to $1 ANY SIZE drinks. And moving, and traveling.

It's shocking.

So, well, Happy Friday to you and yours. Have a GREAT weekend!


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