Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Overwhelmed. That's how I'm feeling.

See, this past week we've had two deaths in the family that have sort of caused upset. (One death wasn't MY family per se, but my sister's, but still, it had an impact, as in I did some babysitting... it's all good.) It's not been fun. And while all is well, we're just sort of flying by the seat of our pants.

And I'm sick. Which makes EVERYTHING seem so much more overwhelming. Tantrums from four year old? To much noise!  Poopy-unders from my two year old? I cut them off with scissors. A one year old who thinks being set DOWN is punishment? Too hard to vacuum!

See? It's nothing big. NOTHING! And yet, I'm all, "GAH! STOP! YOU'RE MAKING ME NUTS!"


And we're trying to adjust as a family to a very new and different life, one that involves a tight budget, a fluid schedule, and a house with lots of stairs, thereby lots of baby gates, thereby lots of potty accidents because all bathrooms are either upstairs or downstairs...


And so I dyed my hair purple and declared the whole thing ridiculous. NO! I'm not making that up. Just a bit of hair, but still.

And I've never been that "wild" (if a bit of bright purple can be considered "wild") in my life.

It's not hard to remember, though, blessings in abundance. I am not shortchanging the beautiful gifts I've been given.

I'm just a bit whiny.

It's cuz I'm sick.


And because Grandma Willis (Derek's gma) passed away, we have a funeral to attend, and therefore everyone needs hair cuts.

I hate giving hair cuts. It makes me itchy.

Wow. I am SO done whining now.

Wait, no I'm not. Our beloved TIVO died the death, and can I just say that really chaps my hide? I am NOT interested in watching regularly scheduled programming. NO! Hulu it is.

Okay, no more whining.

How 'bout that Chuck Bartowski?

I'm turning comments back on, because I have received mail from several concerned citizens. The only reason that's funny is because while I know people are READING (their Google reader!) comments are not something that really APPEAR to be important. And yet, people asked. So fine. They are on. That doesn't mean you need to feel like you HAVE to comment.

I'm just sayin'.


Pryor's said...

Oh no, i'm commenting. I'm totally commenting. That's right. Morgan, you whine away ... you have every right. Sounds like life has indeed been an "adventure" lately ... to put a positive spin on things. I wish i could help you, or give your boys a bad haircut so you didn't feel so itchy. I miss you! I miss your cute boys! And I think some purple hair will do the trick!

Jen said...

Hope you feel better soon!! love you!

TJDKG said...

That does NOT sound like fun!! I'm sorry! I miss ya lots and i'm soo happy comments are back on. like soo soo sooo happy! =)

Rocketgirl said...

1. So sorry about everything. Not. Fun. 2. HOW WEIRD. I spent about a half an hour planning my new hair color - I want the top highlighted as usual, and then a layer under that around my whole hear with sections of color - red, blue, green, and toootally purple. Must see pictures. You will inspire me to actually go out and find someone to do this to my head in this miserable little town!

Ken and Jen said...

I'm sorry you are sick. It is so much harder to be loving and patient when you feel crummy. Hope you feel better quick!

Yasmine said...

I've been waiting for you to turn your comments back on. I love to comment. And I love your whining. It's entertaining and makes me feel like I'm not the only one, ya know?


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