Saturday, December 26, 2009

An important lesson

So, I hope you all had an excellent, fantastic, happy Christmas.
(The pictures are from Christmas and have almost nothing to do with this post, enjoy!)
From December '09
Note the matchy-Christmas-jammies. I made the bottoms and jazzed up the tops. I had to go to SIX stores to find long-sleeves-with-gray for Oliver. And it still didn't match. Sigh.

We did. It was quiet (mostly) and restful (kind of) and happy (some of the time).
From December '09
We all know it's a waste to buy babies Christmas presents. He enjoyed the bows.

But, that's not what I'm here to discuss. I'm here to talk about the part of our Christmas that WAS NOT quiet, restful or happy.
From December '09
From December '09
Every picture of Spencer, there is copious amounts of snot flowing freely from his nose.

So, way back in November, we bought these two small Batman action figures, for Spencer and Henry for Christmas. One was a little Batman with a grappling hook and wings, and the other was a Batman on a snowmobile. We discussed buying two of the same, but there wasn't two of either, so we just bought different ones.
From December '09


So, then, Christmas Eve rolls around and at 11pm I'm suddenly realizing that we should have put more effort into buying two of the SAME Batmans.

BUT, they were small, and not even close to the main gifts of Christmas. We decided not to stress about it.

From December '09
Bad choice.

Let me tell you, it did not matter that there were like 10 other toys for the kids to play with. It didn't matter that the other toys were BIGGER AND BETTER. Nope, all they did was FIGHT all day long about who got to play with the grappling hook Batman.
From December '09
Yes, there were even new bikes involved, they so did not care. It was all about the Batman.

Poor, unloved snowmobiling Batman.

I got REALLY sick of making them take turns all day yesterday. It was not my favorite. Screaming and crying does not a happy Yuletide make.

From December '09
Totally gratuitious adorable-ness from Oliver.

We truly thought maybe by this morning the boys would be over it and ready to move on to some of their other toys.

We were wrong. First things this morning (as in before 0700) they were at it again.
From December '09

So we packed up and went to the store. Walmart we struck out. Target was a no-go, but Kmart. Ahhh, Kmart-fall-apart delivered. It was a Boxing Day Miracle.

And now, my life make sense again. The fighting has (mostly) ceased. In fact, because the stress of not each having an awesome Batman has lessened, they are actually enjoying the OTHER toys they received. No more are they watching each other out the corner of their eyes. Instead, they know their own personal Batman with a grappling hook is resting peacefully at their side.

So, yeah, Operation Christmas was a success. After a Boxing Day Miracle of course.

I learned a very important lesson: I ALREADY KNEW I SHOULD ONLY BUY MATCHING TOYS FOR THE KIDS!  And now, it's just been cemented. I tend to forget these kinds of things though... remind me in 11 months, okay?


Alisha said...

I am so so so sorry. what a nightmare. I do understand though. Coralie gets pissy if she doesn't have the same pollypockets and littlest pet shops as Lillian. then she gets angry if they are playing Teen Titans and Lillian even wants to touch Starfire. Oy. Kids.

Erin said...

I learned that with the boys. Not so much the girls. You girls didn't mind (or seem to mind) a blond Barbie or a brunette Barbie. But the boys HAD TO HAVE matching fighter jets or all (#)$ broke loose.

Froliche Weihnachten!

Amber C said...

Morgan, I totally get it! I have a boy and a girl, AND they still want the same of certain things. Go figure!
Quick question though, why is Derek wearing a hat indoors? Is he that worried about his disappearing hair? :) I totally love my brother!
Glad you guys had some action going on for Christmas. Sometimes a too quiet Christmas is boring.

Amy said...

GOod to read about your relaxing Christmas. Ha ha. :) Are you still getting a dog? How are you guys doing out there anyway? We miss you. Now the Boyles moved too (still in town, but deserted the Gardens.) You might miss good things about Manhattan (as I will in a year and a half), but enjoy not having freezing weather. Hasta luego.


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