Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An angry post about Carrie Underwood


I got the new Carrie Underwood CD from my 'rents for Christmas. FANTASTIC. I love it.

So, I've been swapping it from car to car when ever I have to go anywhere. With the kids, the van, by myself, the car. You get the idea.

So this morning, as Derek was leaving, I grabbed the CD out of the car (so he could take  the car and I could have my music and threw it on the front seat of the van.

As I did so I thought, "I really should put it in the case... nah, it'll be fine."

Then, later after a disasterous attempt at walking to the park, I chucked the boys in the van so we could drive there instead and commanded that they get in their seats. I ran back in the house to get the baby and it took longer than it should have.

My little princes were not obedient. They, instead of doing as I asked, climbed into the front seats and proceeded to "drive" themselves who-knows-where. I grumped at them and hooked them into their car seats. Upon returning to front of the vehicle, I discovered Carrie Underwood was not where I left her.

"Henry, where's my CD?" I asked.

"In da thing." his answer. I looked about and saw that a sliver of the cd was showing, having been SHOVED into the CD player. So, I did what any normal person would do and pushed it in the rest of the way.


I turned on the player and the words "CD NO" flashed across the screen. I pushed the "eject" button. Again, "CD NO."

At this point I began to yell. "HENRY! YOU ARE IN HUGE TROUBLE! YOU BROKE MOMMY'S CAR!"

And Henry began to cry. And I called Derek.

"I'm going to kill Henry." I declared matter-of-factly. I was irate. There was no way to get the CD out, and it was telling me rather stubbornly, "CD NO" no matter what I tried to do.

After explaining to Derek, he simply said, "Just bring me the car. I'll fix it."

"HOW?!! Are you going to magically push a button that I don't know about???" (Remember, I was mad.)

Ever the gentleman, Derek just repeated, "Come here and I'll fix it."

So, I yelled at Henry to zip it and if he made one more noise he was going to live in his bedroom for all eternity. It was a quiet 20 minute drive to Derek's office. I was absolutely fuming the entire way. WHY? Why can't Henry just do as I freaking say? I tell him to get in his seat, and he DOESN'T. Then he breaks my car!

Like I said, I was mad.

We got to Derek's office, and I texted him to get his tush outside since I was here. He appeared, climbed in without a word, hit the eject button and the now famous, "CD NO" message appeared.

"Hmm," was all my husband said. "Harumph" I said with great satisfaction. I already TRIED that. It didn't work!

Then Derek pushed the eject button and




And the cd popped out.

Derek had to buy me a diet coke to get me to calm the heck down.


Erin said...

hahahaha and I am amused by your title; now anyone who googles Carrie Underwood" is going to hit your post and be slightly surprised, since the post is really about Henry being 4 and not so much about Carrie Underwood.
Incidentally, Isaac is CONSTANTLY doing the exact same thing to me; I'll try everything I know to fix something and nothing will work. Then, he'll try and magically, whatever wasn't working before, will work again. He says it is because I am impatient. I say it's because he practices voodoo when I am not around.

Morgan -Ing said...

Erin- admittedly I kind of purposefully titled it as such. I thought it was funny. :)

And yes, men. Irritatingly helpful.

Alice said...

I need an irritatingly helpful man in my life. I found this very humorous and really hope that Carrie sends you an apology quickly!

Jae said...

Oh Morgs, how I love you. It's too bad you don't live closer. We could be wild and irrational and jumpy-to-conclusiony together.

The Wolford Family said...

Is the CD allright? I fnot I'll send you a copy of mine - anyway Ben is the SAME WAY and it drives me crazy. Laundry no can do...fix a stupid CD in a car DONE!!!!

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Alisa and Jared said...


BloggingBills said...

Brian is the same way: he fixed our car mirror today and I was thankful/annoyed because I couldn't fix it.


The Nelsen Family: said...

Hahaha....I mean, sorry. It's just that I can really relate. Once Andrew stuck these plastic coins (from a kids meal) in our car CD player. That resulted in us having to replace the entire CD player though. Ugh.

Malie said...

Sounds like me and my husband. It's always funny to read when it's not happening to you.


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