Monday, November 16, 2009

This month is such a special one

it's birthday time for you! (Well, Derek and Henry.) Derek's birthday is exactly one week after Henry's which makes it today. (Aren't I smart?)

So, this weekend, we celebrated with Derek's parents and brother. It was way fun! Derek's folks are notorious for hopping on airplanes, appearing for one day and then disappearing again. Which is exactly what they did this time. We LOVE seeing them, so we don't mind that they only stay for 36 hours.

This time Derek's brother Todd came along. It was a crazy fun day!

Spencer and Grandpa

From Nov 2009

Todd on the phone to his GIRL FRIEND the whole time.

From Nov 2009
 Henry and Grandma on a bike ride.

From Nov 2009
Everyone with a cherub on their lap.

From Nov 2009
 Goof balls

From Nov 2009

From Nov 2009

So, today is Derek's birthday which is grown-up land means basically nothing.

It's sad when all a person wants for their birthday is a nap. But, alas it wasn't meant to be. He had to be up and out the door today for his super fun birthday work day! He'll be home at 10pm tonight.

Yeah, being a grown-up is awesome.

Since his actual birthday is going to be lame, we planned to go out Friday night, just the grown-ups to celebrate (it was Todd's actual birthday on Friday). Well, Friday night came and the grandparents couldn't bear the thought of sending the kidlets away, so we cancelled the babysitter and all went out to Cici's pizza. It was fun to watch the children eat their weight in pizza and breadsticks. (Oliver was INCREDIBLE!)

SO, we shall try again this Saturday to celebrate. I'll let you know if it actually happens.

Like I said, birthdays + adulthood= pointless.

But regardless, Happy 31st My Love! I'm sure glad you were born.


Jen said...

"which in grown up land means basically nothing"--ha ha...sad, but true! At least his awesome wife blogged about his big day!! Happy B-day Derek! Way to be old! just teasing--Jon's your same age!

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Happy Birthday to Derek from us too! Ephraim said, "Welcome to the thirties club!"

BloggingBills said...

Yes, they are pointless. Especiallly when your mother-in-law (me, the lame one) says to Kent at dinner, "Today is Derek's birthday. We need to call him." and that was it.


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