Thursday, November 12, 2009


I have a need. It's itching up deep inside of me, and it is threatening to explode. So much in fact that I am finding myself in embarassing situations a bit more than I should.

See, I used to, in my previous life, be a theater-dork. Acting? LOVE! Singing? LOVE! Directing? LOVE! Running lights? Well, ok, if it means I can hang out in the theater. Build sets? Hand me a a power tool! You get the idea.

And in the past, I managed to stay integrated enough in the theater world to keep my insane need to be on stage at bay. I acted/stage managed/directed/did makeup, etc etc in college. Heck, I have a fancy certificate from BYU that proudly declares I graduated with a theater degree for crying out loud.

Then we moved to Wisconsin, and I promptly started directing high school shows, then children's theater. Then we moved, and then it dwindled to just in the summer. Then we moved again, and now: NOTHING!

And so, since I have no outlet (Birthing mothers do not appreciate my offer of doing a little diddy to any show tune of their choosing) I have taken to belting out songs places I shouldn't. Like whilst pushing a cart at Walmart. I'm all, "Look Henry! Snow-in-a-can! IT'S A HARDKNOCK LIFE FOR US! No Spencer we don't need more candy! FOR US! IT'S A HARDKNOCK LIFE FOR US! Where is Oliver's binkie?"

Or, when the muses move me to sing loudly in the car, and the song isn't over when I get to my destination (you know, Walmart) so I HAVE to finish the song. So I do. I'm all, "THE TREES ARE BARE AND EVERYWHERE THE STREETS ARE FULL OF STRANGERS!" as I unbuckle my brood.

And I'm so danged good, that people stare.

Or pretty much every moment of every day I've got a show tune rattling around in my brain and my only relief is to LET IT OUT. So I do.

It's sad. It's to the point that I have considered seeing if there is ANYTHING I can audition for here in Vegas that does not require my getting naked. It's THAT BAD.

So, I gotta go clean the toy loft (which I have been swearing to do for days) and sing, "Defying Gravity" at the top of my lungs, Glee-style, whilst doing so. If you call me, and I don't answer, rest assured it's because I'm puttin' on QUITE the show.


McEuens said...

Careful or you're going to wind up on that "People of Walmart" site.... ;)

The Wolford Family said...

Morgan "Something has changed within me, something is not the same. I'm through with playing by the rules of someone elses game. Too late for second guessing too late to go back to sleep...."

Rocketgirl said...

A-freakin-men. Same thing, minus the singing and plus one fiddle. I'm gonna explode!!! Where in Wisconsin didja suffer in?

Angie said...

There is a community theater in the Summerlin Library I think. You should see what productions are gearing up there (I once attended an insufferable one written and produced by my boss there, so it may not be quality theatre . . .) The most fun part of this summer/fall for our family has been my introduction of the children to both Annie and The Sound of Music. Everyone sings crazy songs at socially inappropriate times now--even the 2 yr old (with wide sweeping arms, of course).

Personally, motherhood has led me to sing scat. I am always singing scat and I have no idea why, other than to convince my children from a young age that their mother is NUTS.

Morgan and Derek said...

Maren- yes, probably. But that's okay. :) At least I'm not wearing cutoffs and a wifebeater.

Sarah- Thanks. Any chance of that song NOT being in my head all day is now gone.

RG- I hear ya! We lived WAY north west, an hour west of Minneapolis in Menomonie.

Angie- Hee hee. I haven't tried scat, yet. I'll have to look into it. ;)

Morgan and Derek said...
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mabills said...

Morgan - I am VERY familiar with this theatre-itch, even though I've only experienced it from the piano/musical director side. Did MANY shows until summer of 1981 (Katie was a wee one) then a LONG baby-raising break until the summer of 2001. Have done more than a dozen shows in the past eight years (and numerous opera scenes type things, which is essentially the same, but with louder singers!) The itch never goes away, but sometimes has to be ignored in favor of things of greater eternal value.
Hang in there - your day will come again. Think how fun it will be to do shows with your boys one day!
Love you, girl! Wish you were closer to NC.

Erin said...

I don't sing, as we know, but I do find myself playing "air piano" with disturbing least my strange habit is quiet.
:-) Ireally need a piano...and a house to put it in.

BloggingBills said...

Boo, having watched and enjoyed your seeming non-stop performances for many years I must admit that I miss seeing you in anderwelt and on stage! Here's to withdrawal pains, self therapy and hopefully future shows! Love to all.

Alisa and Jared said...

Hehehee...yup, I understand.

It's no wonder Ella tries to make up songs for everything she does...but half of it is in faux-Spanish...not my specialty.

Yasmine said...

Teach! Of course I dread it when this one student comes because she's learning "Wouldn't it be Loverly" and after she leaves it's in my head for 3 or 4 days and that's ALL I sing!

There's also a lady in my stake that charges money to do a once-a-week musical theater class for pre-school age kids. She calls herself the singing lady. (I don't enroll Hunter because his mother is also a singing lady.) You could start something like that and get your fix while earning money and giving henry a great experience!

BloggingBills said...

Baby, you have been on stage since you were born. Remember NOT being afraid to give a talk in church? Remember belting out "tell me the stories of Jesus" for the pre-school Christmas program for about 1000 people?

How about writing a musical for our family to do when we all get together: you know a group talent show?

BloggingBills said...

There's a people of Walmart site?

Morgan and Derek said...


It's terrifying.


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