Sunday, November 1, 2009

Once again!

Dear President Obama,

You are a jerk.

Remember last year?

Remember how nice and polite I was, asking you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put an end to the horrific practice of DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME???????

You do? Well, then how come you have done squat about it?

I'm a wee bit annoyed. Okay a lot. I was extremely pleasant in my last writing. And apparently I was ignored.

WHY? Why you do something like that?

Do you know how hard it is to keep children up an extra hour just to prevent them from waking at 5:30 tomorrow morning???

Have you any clue how grumpy it makes me that it is dark at 5:30 in the evening?

You've hurt my feelings.

Heath care, blah. Mulitple wars, poo-poo. Write this on your on your "to do" list on your blackberry: JUST SAY NO TO DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME!

Hugs n' kisses,

P.S. Look at my cute babies!

From October 2009

From October 2009

From October 2009

From October 2009

From October 2009

From October 2009

And yes, Oliver wore two different Halloween costumes. It's okay. No worries.


McEuens said...

I hear what you're saying, though I do enjoy the extra hour in some ways. Cute pics of your cute boys, though I must ask, What are you wearing on your head in that first picture with Oliver? It confuses me....

Morgan and Derek said...

Um, I do not enjoy it in any way.

And, um, it's a hat... like a winter cap, but it has a brim, and in that picture it's been knocked crooked.... does that help? What does it look like?

Morgan and Derek said...

And my hair is in a knot at the back, which makes it look very strange.... sorry about that. :)

Rocketgirl said...

I was talking to some people who were praisng their extra hour of sleep, and I was complaining that is was just one more hour to be up with the baby. 4 hour nights, I say!! You should move to AZ, no DST there.

Alisha said...

ironically, not Obama. Actually our lovely prior president. He actually proposed moving even later in the year all together ... and it passed! thankfully there was an ammendment to place it where it was. Small saving grace such as it is. Blah.

Jen said...

Cute Halloween pics! I like that fish (?) costume that Oliver had on!

The Nelsen Family: said...

I so agree! These past few days...wait, make that these past 2 days (is that really all? It feels like SO much longer) have just been painful.

Lindsey said...

I definitely agree with you!! Blake is not handling it too well either.


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