Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a mom-driver through and through

I would like to take a moment and tell you about my rental car.

See, when you (get) hit (by) someone on I-95, it requires (apparently) extensive fixing to your (and her) Hyundai (BMW).

Did you get that?

So, that has left me carless for over a week, and my sweet baby Hyundai Entourage won't be home from the hospital until Friday.


As I mentioned last week, I've been given charge over a Dodge Charger in the meantime. Nothing makes you miss your OWN car like being a foster parent to an incredibly stupid rental car.

Now, no offense to all you Dodge Charger lovers out there, (I'm sure at least 3 1/2 read my blog) but this dumb car is NOT a family car. See, I bought a minivan because I was simply DYING to be included in that ultra-exclusive "I have a mom-taxi" club! I LIKE IT, OK? It's just fabulous. I don't have bend over to load kids. I LIKE DRIVING A MOM-MOBILE!

But when your insurance only covers $30 a day for a rental, you take what you can get.

And FYI a Dodge Charger from Enterprise-Rent-A-Car is $27.50 a day. I am SO frugally minded.

But anyway, this silly car is HUMONGOUS. But it's all wasted space! I do not need a trunk large enough to carry two members of the mob. I do not need a hood/engine so much torque it can blast off to the moon in 2.45 seconds. And on that same vein, it has worse mpg than my VAN!

No. I need 1. Leg room for a 6-and-a-half-foot-tall-husband 2. Space for 3 carseats, one of which is MUCH bigger than it needs to be and 3. Room to put my stroller in the back without having to dismantle it.

I have none of those things. I *can* fit all three car seats in it, but I have to practically slam the door on poor baby Oliver to ensure the door is freaking CLOSED.

So, while beggars (who apparently were at fault for this who debacle) can't be choosers, I say, give me my mom-ified minivan any day. I don't "do" cool cars.

Is it Friday yet????


Angie said...

there is nothing worse than having a rental car when you're a mom of young kids.

The last time my odyssey was hit (rear-ended by a charming gangsta girl who was born after I graduated from high school), I confirmed with the insurance co that they would cover a car large enough for my family (must seat 7 as 5 children are too young to sit in the front). Since they were paying to replace my car seats, they had to believe the children were real. I confirmed the same with the car rental company and they assured me that a minivan would be likely, but definitely a 7 seater something. Well, I got to the place and they handed me keys to some crossover thingamabobby which had 5 total seats. Argh! After much fighting and trying not to scream, they gave me the only vehicle they had with 7 seats, a clunky Explorer that reeked so completely of smoke I had to douse the thing in Febreze every day. I also had to do cirque de soleil maneuvers to get the kids buckled in the way back all day. Lovely. And of course, this doesn't count the aghast looks from everyone in the car rental place at the thought of having 5 children. I hate accidents! Hope your van is back in your life safe and sound very soon. I wouldn't wish that hassle factor on anyone.

Jon said...

FYI, I came across your blog, and wanted to let you know you can update you insurance policy to cover you for $50/day and it should only increase your policy cost at the most $20/year!

Whichever agent sold you the policy, or when you bought it online, someone should have told you, with you having a minivan and all, that $30 would not cover you to rent a minivan and that you need $50/day which will cover you.

It doesn't help the situtation now, but if you're ever in an accident in the future this would make it a whole lot easier.

I updated my policy at Geico from $30 to $50 and I'm spending $14/year.

I work for Enterprise over in NH and with $50/day you would be given just about anything you want.



Morgan and Derek said...

Angie- I know! It's SO not fun!

Jon- thanks for the tip!

Alisa and Jared said...

Rental cars, rental cars, rental cars...ugh...I know all about them now, but luckily I'm not hauling kids with me around Hawaii! Do they not allow you to book online via hotwire or priceline, and still get reimbursed? I've cut the prices in half by bidding on priceline while we've been there...so you could probably rent a van :-)

The Nelsen Family: said...


John keeps trying to convince me our next car should be a Dodge Charger. And of course I say I want to be in the mom minivan club too. :)


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