Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend in Review

So, you know when you go on a REALLY BAD DATE, and you're all, "wow, that sucked!"

Yup, that was us this weekend.

Now, granted I thoroughly enjoyed WHO I was dating this weekend. But seriously, dude, the actual activity left much to be desired.

Driving around Las Vegas, in the dark, with no headlights, trying to FIND functioning headlights.

Indeed, we left our children with a babysitter and spent 3 hours trying to get headlights for the van.

We were not successful.

Apparently, our particiular kind of minivan requires weird lights. And no one had them. We have to take the car to the DEALER to get them fixed. And both of them are out.


So my Saturday night was ROCKIN'. How was your's?

In other news, please observe:

From October 2009
Why am I showing you a pic of my baby's tushie? Because where this picture was TAKEN is where that little baby tushie originated. My baby is MOBILE! At six months old. Sigh. He's cruising around like a little army parapalegic. He can't quite figure out how to get his belly off the ground so he just slithers along like a snake. But he's STRONG and fast. So funny.

The bummer is now I have to vacuum daily.

And you thought I already did that. Silly.

So that was our weekend. Stinky date (but good company) and a creeping baby.

And Spencer has started declaring his bodily functions in the past-tense. "MOM! I POOPED!" does me absolutely no good.

Oh, and as we were heading out of the garage today in the car, Henry said, "Mom, when we get home, don't say, 'Home again home again, jiggity jig.' I'm tired of it."


Good times.


Erin said...

Wow-I cannot believe Oliver is crawling! He is still so little.
Also, Henry is hilarious. Give them big hugs from us!

Brian and Kelsey said...

Henry has an attitude! LOL I love it

BloggingBills said...

Hey you guys should go on a date to get my green rock! Love to all!

Alice said...

I think I say the following at least once a week: "I love Morgan's kids!" Thanks for sharing the fun moments with the boys. Henry is hilarious. I love that he still just tells it how it is. I will always remember the GPS quote! And that kid is crawling already? Whoa. That is exciting. I say walking before month ten!

McEuens said...

You make me laugh. Thanks!

Rocketgirl said...

Girl, get yourself one of these!!

And not finding headlights=lame, but a few minutes of breathing room... I'll bet that's kinda nice... le sigh .. ;)

Chelsea said...

I love all of the Hageys. This made me giggle from somewhere in virus-land, which is huge, because virus-land is miserable. In fact I'm tired of it... jiggity jig.

Chelsea said...

PS-- get a roomba. It won't even mind the boy drool it'll encounter. The trick will be convincing all 3 kids that it is neither toy nor monster.

Alisa and Jared said...

Well, I'm glad that your "creeping baby" is not actually a "creepy baby"...and isn't funny that kids get such strong opinions about some things? Gee...darn kids.

Good luck with the headlights!

BloggingBills said...

So say "Home again, home again jiggigy JOG!" and see if he notices.


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