Monday, September 7, 2009

The Sun"ll come out!!!!

So, after my pathetic lunch on Friday, I made a decision.

I decided it wasn't the dairy making  my baby miserable.

How did I decide that?

Well, I gave him soy formula and he vomitted on me 4 times.

So, we went back to the doc.

And we talked. And I explained. And he felt terrible for missing what was so obvious for so long. I declared myself an idiot. He examined. We chatted.

Oliver slept.

And we left that doctor's office with a prescription for Zantac for my sweet baby.

And it worked.

It's like we traded in the old Oliver for a new one.


And in so there it is. A happy baby. One who has slept in 3-4 hour stretches the past three nights.

Miracle, thy name is Zantac. :)

And in other news, we had my family here this weekend. It was SO fun. We missed the three siblings who couldn't come, but still we had a blast.

We accidently went on a hike that was MUCH longer and MUCH harder than we had originally planned. But the end we were pretty much dead, but still, it was beautiful! Spencer hadn't napped and so he was a royal pain in the tushie, but other then that, it was great.

Here we are, nearing the top, and wow, we were getting less and less happy with every passing moment.

From September 2009

We had to move kids in and out of carriers about 9 times, but eventually we made it to the top and it was about 70 degrees and the waterfall was TEENY but I'm sure in the spring, it's lovely.

From September 2009

Oliver decided that snacking every 20 minutes was an awesome idea. It did NOT help the speed of our climb.
From September 2009
My sister, Erin was kind enough to carry him part of the way up, so I could lug the previously mentioned, non-napped Spencer.

From September 2009
It was her first experience with a Moby wrap, and aren't they cute?

Henry walked part of the way and got carried by Derek part of the way. He was a trooper.

From September 2009

All in all, a good breaking in of the new hiking back packs.

And it was really very beautiful up there.
From September 2009

The streaks in the photo are the PATHETIC water fall.

Hope you all had a fun Labor Day weekend.

P.S. We have briefly discussed changing Oliver's name to "Oliver Zantac" because really, it's a miracle people. A miracle.


The Wifey said...

So glad it worked! Hooray!

Yasmine said...

Oh yeah, didn't I tell you that Zantac is what worked for Kay? Ooops. Glad you finally got it!

Lisa B said...

I'm so glad the Zantac helped Oliver. Yay!

Jen said...

I am so glad that helped! And I am glad you didn't quit bf-ing b/c of the no-dairy--since you weren't sure that was even the cause!

Donna said...

Ethan was on Prevacid for several months due to acid reflux, too! He was a completely different baby on that miracle stuff. The month prior to a doctor finally listening to me, I only had four pictures of the child because he was so unbearable. I felt horrible for all his useless suffering!!! Glad Oliver Zantac is doing so much better. YAY!

Alisa and Jared said...

That last photo is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anna said...

what was the name of that potty training book that you read and used with Henry???

BloggingBills said...

I think O. Zantac Hagey is a great name for a General Authority. Or maybe Oliver Z. Hagey, but it doesn't have the 'ring'.


Morgan and Derek said...

Anna- it was "Potty Train your Child in Just one Day" by Teri Crane. GREAT BOOK!

BloggingBills said...

Boo, Thanks for hosting a great family get together. It was wonderful! Glad the O-man is taking solid nourishment now! Love to all!


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