Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Henry doesn't like the white ones

If you had to descibe Henry in just one word, the word would NOT be "Easygoing." It's just not who he is. He is sensitive and particular. We love him. A lot. :)

So, I'm currently making cookies (I am SOOOOO domestic) and well, Henry is unimpressed.

First off, you must understand, I am making cake mix cookies (thank you Smith's caselot sale) which are without question, the easiest cookies on the planet, excepting maybe the already made doughs...

ANYWAY, so I made devil's food and white cake cookies.

From September 2009
Sing it with me now, EBONY and IVORY!

Henry absolutely refuses to try the white cake ones.

It took me forever to figure out why.

But, it has become apparent.

White cake cookies taste like "yucky milk."

Henry HATES white milk, I never even bother trying to get him to drink it because, like his Mommy, he finds it to be disgusting.

But chocolate milk, that'll do the trick every time.

I suppose in his three year old mind, chocolate= fabulous, white=HORRIBLE.

Never mind that I can't convince him to TRY the white cookies. Nothin' doin. He's already eaten like 3 of the chocolate ones though.

I was in the process of saying, "HENRY! Just try the danged white cookie! You might like it! TRY IT! TRY IT! TRY IT!" when I realized, I was trying to force my child to eat cookies.

Who does that?

So I had to stop myself.

Instead, as an experiment, I combined the chocolate and the white to make marble cookies.

From September 2009
It is going to make his brain explode.


BloggingBills said...

Yes, it will make his brain explode. Next time--roll the dough in cinnamon sugar and make snicker doodles. They will end up light brown and not yucky.

Good luck with flour tortillas. Christmas snowball cookies.
Popcorn balls.
White (no food color added) cheese.
Vanilla ice cream.
Vanilla pudding.
Need I go on?

Chelsea said...

I'm with your mom on this one. Good luck. Let us all know how the brain exploding goes, including which stain remover gets brains off the ceiling the best. ;-)

I hope he miraculously likes the marbled ones.

Anonymous said...

Henry gets this from his grandpa -- according to Wayne, your dad used to claim to be "allergic" to white milk and took Nestle's Quik to school to stir into the milk at lunch!
Aunt M.A.

Erin said...

I can totally picture Henry refusing to eat the white ones-he sure is opinionated! :-)
How'd the swirl ones go over?

Morgan and Derek said...

HE ATE THE MARBLED ONES! Miracle. I guess there was enough chocolate to drown out the evil white... :)

Morgan and Derek said...

And Aunt MaryAnn! Thanks for the comment and the reminder. I had heard sometime ago that my dad feigned a white milk allergy...


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