Monday, September 28, 2009


You know when you're like SO done, that it's like a little ridiculous?

When you're all, "Don't bug me. I'm DONE!"

Yeah, me too.

Since I am SO DONE, I can barely even face the thought of having to do anything these days, (clean my house? Meh. Cook dinner? Probably not...) I'm getting out of here.

Derek is heading to Sacramento for a conference, all awaited for babies have arrived (I'm free for three whole weeks), and I am tired of cleaning up my kids' messes at my own house, I've decided to go let them trash my mom's instead.

And while I am DONE, I'm also TERRIFIED to drive all that way with Oliver screaming, by myself.

But I'm willing to try, because I'm DONE!.

Birth work is HARD work (two 24+hour births, ending in c-sections in one week), and mommying is HARD work, (3 kids, 24/7), and dude, I am so just not going to do it by myself while Derek is gone.

Wousy? You bet your sweet bippy.

Do I care?


Am I going to let them run wild and dig up my parents' back yard, and eat cake for breakfast while I party with my sisters, brothers and the 'rents?


Am I going to miss Derek? What a dumb question, OF COURSE. But he'll be shacking up in Sacramento at the Comfort Inn with his good buddy. He'll be JUST fine.

Well, I have to take the kids to the dentist tomorrow, go do a doctor's visit on Wednesday, and go to the Cannery on Thursday and can tons of dried apples for church. And do a mountain of laundry.

But after that, I'm DONE!


Brian and Kelsey said...

I will ride up with you. I can even drive if you want me to rather than having me pass my virus onto your baby.

Jauna said...

fine leave me I didnt want you to go swimming with us before the pool closed anyway... =)

SO which dentist are you going to?

Anna said...

yay, a break!! I'm getting one too, Krystal and I are heading to Vegas to see some family friends, so yes Mike is staying behind to work to pay for my trip :) and the girls are going to Grandma's except the wee little one because after all Grandma doesn't have the goods. :) enjoy your break too!!

BloggingBills said...

I am delighted you are done. We are SO looking forward to a weekend of P-A-R-T-Y. That is if I can get done: I have parent teacher conferences this week and an accreditation 'brief' and documentation that is 20 bullet points long to write and put together before Friday,and a schedule for 31 visiting college kids (Kelsey's class) to do before Friday, then I am DONE!

Can't wait to see you all!


The Wolford Family said...

All I can say is PATY!!! oh and FOOD!!! Lots and lots of food!!!!


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