Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ramblings of a Wednesday

So, my mind is on many different things (packing, laundry, canning orders, insurance applications... the list goes on!) so rather than try to make sense of it all, I shall just spew it forth random-style. Ready? (Oh this is just so crazy!)

I have ESP. As in, ELECTRICAL sensory perception. I can FEEL when the TV is on, anywhere in the house, even if I can't HEAR it. I can HEAR when a cord is plugged in but the circuit isn't closed, as in a phone charger with no phone attached. It drives Derek NUTS because I am constantly unplugging his charger because I can't stand to hear it ring. He thinks I'm making it up. I am not.

When I see people's status' on Facebook and they say, "I'm SOOOOO busy!" I always want to ask, "Doing what?" I mean, I know exactly what keeps me busy all day, (like vacuuming up the Oreos all over the carpet. The boys licked an entire package clean while I was showering this morning and left the wafers.) But I am insanely curious about what OTHERS do to with their time.

Oliver slept from 10-5 last night. The only reason why he woke up at 5 is because I accidently woke him, checking to make sure he was still alive. I haven't slept that much in a row in probably a year.

Spencer is wearing underwear today. But, it's not what you think. We bought him underpants with Toy Story characters on them, thinking "When he's ready!" Well this morning he wanted to wear "unnerwrrrs!" but I am NOT potty-training a kid 24 hours before I leave town. So, they are on over his diaper. Yeah, I'm MOM OF THE YEAR! When we get home, maybe we'll try without the diaper.

Henry tried to put Derek's contacts in his eyes unsuccessfully. When Derek told him "Those are Daddy's, not yours!" Henry replied, "Then why did you leave them in my bathroom?"

Mmkay, I better scale back the crazy. Besides I need to go put laundry in. Then I have to go buy jeans. I'm not happy about it, but I have one pair that fits, and the zipper falls down. I'm tired of keeping my hand in that general area, to make sure it's up. It's embarrassing.

Henry is whining about who-knows-what!

Off I go. I'm SOOOOOO busy! ;)


Alisha said...

lets see, my day. um, woke up way early becuase i had to clean my house and kid proof it for about 15 kids between 1-4 years old. made girls breakfast. frantically got lilly off to school. vacuumed. Mopped. swept (not in that order). Coralie spilled so repeated the whole process again. Did a big nature walk in the rain with all the kids afore mentioned. ended up at my house to do leaf rubbings, snacks, stories and play. cleaned up after all these kids magically pulled out each and every toy and when their moms said to help clean up they thought the trashcan was a good place for lilly's favorite fairy dolls. after this picked up lilly from school, went to grocery store, came home and made kids lunch. played with girls. did school projects with both. cleaned up after lunch. played dressup and watched ballet with lilly, then realised i was getting sick and to augment its forth coming nature i dead bolted the door and went to bed. woke up 2 hours later with coralie asleep next to me kicking in my back ... fun stuff. lilly was mad at me (i suppose justly so) and started having her time. just made dinner. need to clean up for that and finish the laundry before VT's show up tonight. I'd rather watch SYTYCD but we'll see. have about a 40 page project propsal due for school tomorrow that is desperately needing my attention which means I'm not sleeping tonight.

So yes, you wanted to know what other people do ... was that too much?

Oh, and we are searching for a vacuum. Preferably a dyson animal or the new ball. You and derek are amazing at finding used deals, can you let me know if you see one?

If you want to see us this weekend give us a call, we'd love to see you. Much love and I hope you get a break and that the drive is safe and without incident (and boy sickness).

Anna said...

my day, hmmmm, took the girls to Ross where I proceeded to by fall clothing for 2 of my children, then went to walmart for a bride and witch halloween costumes, then home to try on said costumes, then Kaylee decided she wants to be a bride, then had lunch and naps while I cleaned kitchen and straightened living room, and thought about doing laundry but never got that far, then we put up halloween decorations, ran to the store for Lexi's first halloween figurine thing, then home for dinner, and now the kids watch babar and I'm about to go put Lexi to bed, if I get to that laundry I'll let ya know. :)

Amber C said...

Breathe! That's my motto.

What's a motto? Nothing! What's a motto with you?

Okay, there's my randomness for the day. Be glad you have the family to take care of, a job to be done to help others, and a home to clean. One day it could all be gone and then you'll miss part or all of it.

We love you all so very much (J and Alisha too) and I know we're all NOT playing the lottery but if anyone does play on a fluke and wins we're so absolutely sharing it. Promise!


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