Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's my birthday

And today kind of stank. :) My kids didn't seem to CARE that today is my day. Oliver didn't really sleep last night and Spencer was up before 6. This made for a long day. But we had a great vacation and a fun family celebration in Utah, so I can't and won't complain (except to Derek who has to love me and listen to me whine.)

So now, our vacation:

Spencer most of his time here, in this car.

From August 2009

Henry loved the 4 wheelers:
From August 2009

When we got down to SLC, we went to the zoo. That was fun for the kids.
From August 2009

Even Oliver liked it:
From August 2009

Now my birthday:
Henry was just very enthusiastic about the whole birthday thing.
From August 2009

Every single picture has that weird piece of my hair across my forehead. Dang Mater hat.
From August 2009

I wish someone had told me I looked ridiculous. But alas, nope.
Oh, there it is again.
From August 2009

Yup, still there as I open my amazing cheese graters from Ikea.
From August 2009

And finally, that weird bit of hair is still there when I realize I was holding my AMAZING BIRTHDAY NEWS IN MY HANDS!
From August 2009

TICKETS TO KELLY CLARKSON! That's right folks. I have NEVER been to a concert before, and I am SO excited. Alice and Derek put it all together for me.

So, Happy Birthday to me. :) And we had a lovely vacation. Thank you very much for asking.


Amber C said...

Oh have a great time at the concert! How exciting! Who is going with you? I assume you're not going alone. Looks like your birthday bash was fun in Utah, sorry the actual day was a bit of a stinker. Don't worry about the hair, some girls do all in their power to get a piece of hair to fall flirtily over their forehead like that.

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

You've never been to a concert before? Sorry, that thought kind of distracted me....

Anyway, happy birthday (sorry I'm a day late). Getting closer and closer to 30...haha. Course, you can tell me the same thing in a couple of weeks. Wish the kids had been better for you, but I'm glad you got a good celebration in Utah.

Melissa said...

Happy Late Birthday! Yep, they don't get much more fun as you get older. I promise. :)

The Wolford Family said...

I hope your day got at least a little better!!! I LOVE YOU and hope you have a good day

Morgan and Derek said...

I should clarify, I have been to concerts, choir concerts and concerts wherein you sit politely in your chair. I have NEVER been to THIS kind of concert. :)

Erin said...

Happy Birthday and I am sorry it was ick. Today, I am sure, will be better! :-)
Woot for Kelly Clarkson! That was well done, Derek and Alice, well done indeed. :-)

Alisa and Jared said...

Oh! How exciting! I would SOOOOOOO enjoy that concert!!


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