Monday, July 6, 2009

Awesome vs Not awesome

Awesome is a great birth for a client early this morning. (2:05 to be exact). Beautiful baby girl with some serious hair.

NOT awesome is being so sleep deprived that I loaded up my children for swimming lessons, 10 minutes late, drive all the freaking way over to swimming lessons, get out, and realize, swimming lessons were canceled today.

I knew this, I just forgot.

Awesome is babies who are born in the dead of night, so I get home before the sun comes up. AWESOME.

Not awesome is driving all the way across town to take care of some doula work only to realize I didn't have a single thing I needed to TAKE CARE OF SOME DOULA WORK.

Not awesome.

Awesome is driving through Sonic during Happy Hour because I was right by it when I didn't have any of what I needed to do some doula work. Diet Coke + mango + lime, I seriously recommend.

Not awesome is the pile of laundry as tall as I, waiting to be folded and put away.

Awesome is a dear, tired husband who helped me put it all away.

Not awesome is the pile of dirty dishes waiting to be washed.

Awesome is me NOT doing it until tomorrow.


Chelsea said...

See?!?! You ended on a high note! Actually, do you ever realize that it's usually irritating when songs end on a high note since there's no resolve? But you're not a song, you're a tired and phenomenal mom/doula/wonder woman.

BloggingBills said...

Right on babe! Sometimes you have to declare that you are 'done for the day' and just let the rest go.

Good for you and your doula client.
We're glad you had a good experience!


Alisa and Jared said...

Congrats on the doula birth! Wohoo! Awesome!

Good luck at everything else...

sometimes I feel like life is out to get me...

Lindsey said...

Sonic happy hour is the best! I have never tried that combo before though. I may just have to try it today!


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