Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today was crazy.

Yes, crazy! I said it.

We tried to go get everything all together for the fabulous Department of Motor Vehicles, so as to register all our vehicles.

Except we could nothing, NOTHING to prove we owned Derek's scooter.


No clue where it went.

In the end it all worked out. But, when I arrived (sans children, Derek missed the ENTIRE day of work for this whole car registration thing) it was 12:20 pm, when I finally spoke to a person, it was 3:30. No lie. I was #466. The little signs read "220" when I got there.


As soon as I was done being stressed beyond belief at the DMV for 3.5 hours,(and paying $425) I had to immediately shoot across the valley to pick up our brand-new-slightly-used dyson vacuum. So, I rushed over there (10 minutes late) and got our new-slightly-used vacuum and headed straight into a ton of traffic trying to get on the highway. I had to go get the family, go to Henderson to sign our lease for the new house, squeeze in dinner, and go to a prenatal. WHEW! And I was stuck in traffic.

I was so irritated. I had been away from my children ALL DAY LONG, my baby had like 4 bottles today, I was starving, I was hot. It had been a crappy day.

And then, waiting in the incredibly long line to the on-ramp , standing on the side of the road, I saw man, holding a sign that read, "Homeless Vet."

I see these guys all over Vegas, there are everywhere. My heart breaks for them, but all the "professional" counsel is to not give them money. It won't do any good, it won't change a thing, they'll just buy booze.... blah blah blah. So, I never give them money, instead I always try not to look at them.

This time was different. I just stared at him for a moment.

I thought, "I should give him money."

I battled for a moment, I had cash left over from the vacuum purchase. I could just hand it to him.

It was just so hot. He was just standing there.

I rolled down my window and handed him the money.

He smiled, said, "Thank you, thank you! This will get me to the Salvation Army, God bless you."

"Oh, I hope so! Good luck, Thank you! THANK YOU!" I called as I drove away.

And I promptly burst into tears.

My day did not slow down after that, I had more to do, and I was still stuck in a sea of cars, but I drove in that stupid traffic I was struck with a realization. I am so blessed. I got to spend $425 to have vehicles, I have a/c, a home, food, clothes, a new Dyson vacuum, good gravy, I have no business whining. I am so blessed. So, I bawled all the way home. :)

I sincerely hope that man got to the Salvation Army. But even if he didn't, it doesn't matter. He reminded me, I am SO blessed.



BloggingBills said...

Good for you Boo. I'm sorry you had a crappy day. You don't want to hear that both times your dad went to the DMV here he was about the only one in the place and it cost 137 dollars for the Rolla (plus the 45 dollar inspection fee.) You should have registered the cars here maybe.

Anyway, maybe today you can hang at the house, pack a box or two and enjoy your babies.

Love ya,

Chelsea said...

Mom and I used to buy sandwiches (or bread and fixins) for a guy I called, "Popeye," all the time when we were dirt poor. I think he was also a homeless veteran. He lived under the bridge next to the gas station we frequented. Once in a great while, my mom would give him the change left over from the sandwich. Other patrons must've given him a little money, too, because one day, there was Popeye casually leaned up against a beat up old pickup truck. He'd gotten the truck, which had gotten him to a job interview, but he slept in the truck at the gas station til he could thank my mom and me for helping him.

My mom also bought a stranded veteran a bus ticket to South Dakota and ate with him at Perkins until the bus came.

We've helped others, too, but those just stick out. Every time I pass a Super America, I think of Popeye. Reminds me to hang in there.

Alice said...

Morgan....you never cease to amaze or amuse me! Thanks for your story. I think I needed to be reminded of how blessed I am too! You are awesome. Love ya,

The Wolford Family said...

Thanks a lot for making me cry - but I love your honesty and your heart- you're a great person and I'm so blessed to have you as my sister. I love you!!!

Nathaly said...

Great post, Morgs. It's nice to have those reminders once in awhile.

Marcelo is superstitious about giving money to people on the street. He thinks that if he sees someone and DOESN'T give them money, something bad will happen. I can't even tell you the number of times we've made a u-turn just so he can hand a guy some cash. And then we drive away and I roll my eyes and think, "He's just going to drink it..." lol. Perhaps I should have a better attitude about it!


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