Monday, June 29, 2009


Dear Readers,

I am deeply engrossed in things that I would rather not be doing. This iniquity is causing me considerable pain.


From June 2009

I mean, I had packed one whole box before I needed a break, a snack and a cold beverage. I went straight for the brown, carbonated kind, caffeine and all. Never fear, it was diet, cuz I'm not THAT kind of girl...

Readers, I am exhausted.

And all the boxes you see in the picture? Yeah, that's it. That's all I've accomplished.

Now granted I just started today. And I still have 19 more days to pack, but still.

It is SO hot, my energy is drained. And by hot, I mean, 108 degrees, so hot that death and a cold morgue sound awfully inviting. So, that is a problem.

Then add in two VERY "helpful" little boys and a fussy not-so-helpful even smaller boy and the going is slow.

Remember last year? Remember how I griped and whined and blogged about how awful moving is? Just let me say "ditto."

Henry is terrified that if something isn't in a box right NOW, it means it's not COMING to the new house. He was quite nervous that Daddy wasn't coming (how sad is that?). He made me pack up a hymnal in a saltine crackers box and write his name on it.

Then Spencer sat on it.

BAD! Tears, hysteria.

You get the idea.

Now, granted, my little sweetie, Oliver, was the size of a lime last year at this time, and making me violently ill, so that was difficult. This year, I have no uterine-inhabitants, so that helps. It also helps that I very much LOVE our new house. I mean, LOVE. Deeply. I am sad to be giving up our pool and moving far from friends, but all in all the move is a good thing.

But, dear friends, I am seriously lacking motivation. I.just.don' I looked through a dozen cook books I have never used and wondered why I keep schlepping it from domain to domain. I considered sending them to Goodwill and in the end threw them in a box and taped it shut. I mean, I can always send them to Goodwill later.

I am ridiculous.

I am tired of moving.

Sadly, our plan is to move AGAIN in a year to a home that we will spend 30+ years paying off.

That's the goal anyway.

So there ya go.

I got 8 boxes done today.

Tomorrow? Tomorrow we have to register two vehicles (nothing like waiting until the last day of the month) sign our lease, buy a vacuum, (Dyson baby!) and in there somewhere go buy more soda because, let's face it, giving up Diet Coke is SO NOT GOING TO HAPPEN this week.

Oh, and hope that the anxiously-awaited-for-doula-baby waits until Thursday. Why in the world do I always have clients RIGHT when we're moving?



Erin said...

Did you mean "iniquity"? So confused...I hate moving too, and moving in LV/Phoenix heat is ick!

Alisha said...

terribly jealous about the dyson, I hate moving and feel your pain since we recently did it and aren't fully finished unpacking, putting away and sorting. If you saw how much I sold, saw how much I gave to neighbors, saw how much I gave to Goodwill ... and then how much we have in our apartment, tiny storage unit and clarks workshop ... well, we own too much but I am unsure of what to part with at this point. I think I need another house flood like the last one to get me over my sentimentality.

Sorry and good luck in the housing market

Carolyn said...

Your boys are going to have so much fun (or be totally embarrassed) when they read this blog many years in the future.

You know Morgan, you should keep those cookbooks. I could take a couple of them off your hands after I get a place of my own and stuff. That would mean about two years from now.

Morgan and Derek said...

Erin- I fixed it.

Amber C said...

Deep breath Morgan! It always happens to work out somehow, gosh I love religion! One day the kids will all be asleep at the same time and you'll have some sort of Superwoman energy and get loads done. If not that, then con Derek to taking the boys out for an afternoon so you can get something done. =-)
It will all be over soon!
I totally understand your moving pains. We have moved about 8 times in 8 1/2 years of marriage.


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