Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Quiet Day of Sorts

Today was quiet. There is no other way to explain it. The boys played quietly and happily all morning. They didn't really fight or anything! It was a miracle.

After lunch, we hit the pool but it is SO cold in that water that we only lasted an hour before Spencer's lips were literally blue.

Then, Sam's Club. I went in search of watermelon, which was futile. I know they have it, but the weird thing is that I could NOT find it.

Derek was working late, so I got the boys (and myself) $2.50 dinners of pizza and a huge drink. Thank you Sam's Club.

And Henry, being ever-observant and indeed a wee bit loud, announced about a fellow diner at Sam's club, "He has a big belly!" (He did...) "He needs to go poopy!"

Through my spasms of silent laughter (never fear, the man to whom Henry was referring didn't hear him) I asked, "Why do you think he needs to go poopy?"

Matter-of-fact-boy-of-mine replied, "Because he has a full tummy. It's big! He needs to poop."

Ha! I am SO very glad that the man didn't hear us. It's funny how it's simply an observation when you're three. There was absolutely no judgement against this man. Just a fact, spoken aloud. Immediately after our "big belly" conversation. He looked right at another man and declared, "His shirt is green."

Now we're waiting for O-man to fall asleep and then I'm clocking out!


Alisha said...

I totally get the just observing part of the statement. After hairspray came out, the character of Tracy Turnblade was something of a hero to Lilly. We were in the grocery store line and there was a woman who was larger and looked a bit like John Travolta in drag (I kid you not). Lilly very loudly (and she was only 4) said, "she's big like Tracy and her Mom." The woman chewed me out for not raising my daughter right failing to take in the fact that I tried to explain she thought that was a compliment.

Geeze people. They are kids.

Chelsea said...

I LOVE children. Quite especially, your children, actually.

Lenaya and Xiana said...

This is hysterical!! Not only did I die laughing but I also told all within range of your son's intuitive mind. I miss you guys like crazy...seriously! Just got back from Mexico, will post more on that later. For the time being give all kisses and know you are in my thoughts!


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