Monday, June 15, 2009


Henry has declared that he is scared.


Now, before you go, "Oh, poor baby," allow me to explain.

Today, I realized something.

When Henry decides he would rather not do something, ANYTHING, he suddenly becomes simply terrified of it.

At his first day of swimming lessons, this morning, he was too scared to jump into the water into the careful arms of his teacher. "I'm TOO SCARED!"

Oh, poor dear. I didn't make him jump in. His teacher responded, "So, you can't force Henry to do anything, can you?" Nope. You can not. He's too scared.

But then, this afternoon, we needed to go to the store. We had nothing. It was time. I was demanding shoes be put on feet. Henry did not agree with this command. Henry did not want to go to the grocery store. Henry fell upon the floor with great drama and declared, "I'm scared of the store!"


So, I called him on his stretch of truth. "No, you are not scared. You just don't want to go. And I don't care. Put yerdang shoes on. NOW!"

His reply? The ever classic, ever appropriate, "Oh crap." Shoes were on, and we were off.

Don't believe him if he tells you he's scared. Unless of course you're in a genuine scary situation, like a hurricane or a shoot-out. Otherwise, just tell him to put his shoes on. It'll be fine.


Amber C said...

When Devin wouldn't jump in to his swim instructor last year...I threw his butt in! He did it! He swam to his instructor, was mad at me for a few minutes, but was happy he did it in the end. I don't tolerate my kids not doing what I KNOW they are capable of. I guess I have a low crap meter on some days and he caught me on a really low day.

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah- Amber, he's always been really timid of new people, and that is why I think he was "scared," so next time, he's jumping in. ;)

A Lil Crunchi said...

I find that oddly amusing.

BloggingBills said...

You taught your kids to say, "Oh crap!" ????

Morgan and Derek said...

Sure did, Mother. In fact we had an FHE lesson on it.

Good grief. Of course I didn't "teach" him to say it, he just picked it up... somewhere...


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