Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stranger than fiction

In Las Vegas, it is hot. (DUH!) And I have a baby who desires for swaddling as part of his sleepy-time habits.


We run our A/C between 75-78 degrees.

I find flannel blankets work best to keep Oliver tied up tight.


Oliver get swaddled and then he gets hot.

A/C is running.

He's still hot.

Then Morgan has a genius idea!

I retrieved an ice pack, wrapped it in a receiving blanket and flopped it on top of my hot/tired/fussy baby.

And my hot/tired/fussy baby went to sleep.


So, now it's just the norm. Oliver gets his personal a/c whenever it's too warm for swaddling.

Imagine my surprise at my FAMILY'S surprise when I repeated the process whilst visiting.

They think it is weird.

I think I do whatever it takes! And it takes ICE PACKS.

In other strange news, when Derek returned home from work this evening, Henry walked right up to him and declared, "Daddy, I had a hard time at the pool today!"

Which is true. But it was just very cute to hear him explain that he didn't want to share at the pool, hence the "hard time."

Spencer is becoming a verbal little stinker with opinions to boot. It's funny and frustrating. Today, he could not understand why I wouldn't give him a full water bottle with no lid (that he would promptly spill if I had given in, I promise). "MY BOTTLE! MY WATER!" got him no where. My refusal only amplified his demands. Poor dear.

And currently there are several strange, and rather large men lurking around outside my house.

How many days until I move???

Derek and I are working on eliminating soda from our diet. I'll be straight up honest with you. It's not going well. I mean, we've gone from buying it in the cans to just full on getting it from the fountain. How is that a step in the right direction? I'm really not sure. I'll keep you posted.


The Wifey said...

Be strong Morgs. No soda is a good thing and once it's out of your life for good you'll never go back! Trust me!

Morgan and Derek said...


I love it. So much.

It hurts.

Amber C said...

Don't you love 3 year olds?! Belle has started into story telling to me as I try to get things done. For the opinionated and "want it my way or the highway" Spencer, I say tell him it's the way you say or it's not at all. When he cries after that, and you know he will, then just put the cup on the counter, tell him when he's ready to do it your way to come get you, and walk away. Oliver is such a cutie! Glad you figured out how to keep him cool and comfy! Smarty-pants!! Soda....we don't like to buy it. I like it, lots! But, it isn't stored at our house so we either get 1 small bottle to be consumed or we only get soda when we're out eating dinner (which we don't do often either). Tell yourself that you can only have soda when you're out to eat or something. Never buy it to be stored at the house or that is all you'll drink until it is gone.

Ken and Jen said...

Hehe, the things we do for our kids. When I was pregnant with Hannah, I made a huge rice pack, and froze it to sleep with each night. :o) So maybe it isn't that strange?

Poor Henry, he sounds like he is getting so big! Isn't it kinda sad when they start to tell you about their feelings? Logan got made fun of the other day at the park, and I wanted to cry for him. :o(

Good Luck on the pop! That is rough, I gave up caffeine, and some days all I want to do is go to Sonic!

BloggingBills said...

Go cold turkey. But wait til it's cold--like December.


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