Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Roach motel


Did you get that? Remember WAY back when we were attacked by a bug in our bed?

Yeah, turns out it was a ROACH. A ROACH!

It makes my blood run cold just typing that.



Well, we sprayed for bugs immediately after that incident, but slowly, they have been appearing back into our house.


So, we sprayed again, and Derek SP-RAYED! I tell you, we had to leave the house for 3 hours and when we returned it was still a bit fume-y.

And so, now, instead of being ignorant of the actual NUMBER of disgusting bugs in my apartment, I am well aware of them.


BECAUSE! I come into my kitchen/bathrooms each day to find those butt-nasty creatures belly-up still with a bit of life left in them, twitching.

It is foul.

So, then I have to figure out how to get rid of them, these zombie bugs that have been rendered unable to creep around my dishes. Not quite alive, but not quite dead.


So, the other day, I got the vacuum, and sucked 'em up. (There were 5... oh I just shuddered.) And those gosh-darned nasty little bugs LIVED through the vacuuming. HOW?

So, I flushed 'em, dust and all.

They were still swimming when I flushed. I was assured by our friend who also lives here that they will just crawl back up through the drains.


We are supposed to pour bleach down the drains and that will keep them away.

Lest you think we live in squallor, I assure you, we do not. Ghetto, yes a bit, but squallor, no. I clean, I scrub, I put things away. It's just the friggin' desert.

But, never fear, after a week of almost-but-not-quite dead roaches, we have turned a corner. NOT A ONE was found in my kitchen this morning.


HA! Those creatures have told their friends "Don't go in there, no one ever comes out."


I win.


Chelsea said...

Aside from the part where I miss you guys like none other and am going nuts knowing that you won't be back for the summer... This kinda makes me okay with the fact that I was too poor to come visit this year.

EW EW EW! I'm glad they're gone.

Morgan and Derek said...

Don't let this deter you from visiting. That is why we sprayed! We are vigilant. :)

Anna said...

you should try the sticky pads, we used those when we lived in the middle of a field and had a spider problem. The roaches should got nearly die on those and then you can just throw them away and they can't get off...not even a mouse could get off ours. Extremely gross that is why we moved, spiders I could handle, mice NO WAY!!!

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

SICK. I hate roaches! We had one in our apartment our first summer here, and I almost lost it. It was in the laundry room, so for months I wouldn't step inside there, I would just kind of lean in to do laundry. Ridiculous, I know.

Good luck!

Amber C said...

A roach huh? Derek took care of it huh? Hmmm should I remind him it was me, his much smaller 2 years younger little sister, that he yelled for to kill a roach in our bathroom in Tx growing up. Yes! You're big ol' hubby yelled for the only girl to kill a roach in the bathroom. I'm glad he's evolved to be a bit stronger. I hate when they're in my bed or shower, but I have no problem getting rid of them. I guess that has to do with being in the bug business for 5 years. We'll just call you Morgan the roach slayer!

BloggingBills said...

I;m sorry boo boo head! I hate roaches too. One thing you need to do is pull your drawers out, turn them over and see if the darn things laid eggs on the underside of the drawers. Those eggs will hatch and voila, crop #2.


Jen said...

We had roaches all the time in TX--yuck! Hopefully wherever you live next will be roach-free...maybe CO?


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