Thursday, May 21, 2009


First with children are a joy (usually). First smiles, first words, first steps. It's all just a constant and beautiful reminder that our children are real-live people who grow and develop on a daily basis. They do it unconsciously and they do it far too quickly.

Today was a fantastic first! (No, not Oliver's first smile, he's been doing that for over a week and I have yet to capture it on camera, but what dear little smiles they are.) No, today was Henry's first BRAIN FREEZE!

It all started after lunch. Henry was enjoying a bit of vanilla soft-serve, completely unaware.

It was brutal, let me tell you. He was completely caught off-guard that his fantastic favorite food (it really, really is) could cause him such anguish. It was terribly sad. He was happily eating when suddenly, his face crumpled and he declared, "It's TOO COLD!" and proceeded to wiggle in agony. We had him take a drink to try and return his body to it's proper temperature, to no avail. Finally, he buried his head in my lap and we rode it out. Afterwards, he refused to eat another bite. Ice cream had betrayed him.

What's weird is based on the volume of ice cream this child consumes, this should have happened a long time ago. But, unless he's never mentioned it before, this was the first time.

I think someone should do a scientific/medical study on brain freezes. What in the world causes them? (Do not say, "cold food" cuz I'm not THAT slow.) And is there is magic "age' whereupon one becomes suseptible to them? (3.5 years of age seems to be it, if Henry is any indication.)

Anyway, it was a very interesting, if not joyful, first. My baby's first ice-cream induced headache.

I hope this doesn't scar him for life. :)


John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

That is SO cute. And so sad. Ice cream is worth it though!

BloggingBills said...

Boo, I know that I read it's caused by too much cold on a large nerve bundle up somewhere in our soft pallets. You can do the research but I think I've heard/read that a couple of times. Let me know if you discover something else. It's why one solution for a brain freeze is to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth to warm things back up. Hope Henry has a short memory (not likely)and doesn't give up ice cream forever! Love to all!


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