Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nature vs. Nuture

From May 2009

Alternative title: What the Holy Freaking Crap is my Son Doing?

Do not ever and I mean EVER tell me that I have nurtured this crazy boy to be a crazy boy.

Seriously. I will punch you in the face.

When you give a girl a baby doll, she holds it, changes it, feeds it, and loves it like it was her own offspring.

From May 2009

When you give a boy a baby doll, he ties it to a rope, hangman's style and strings it up and says he's, "fishing." Yup.

And I assure you, the only thing my boy has ever seen from me + babies is the lovey-dovey nice things. Ain't nobody ever taught him to drag baby dolls around with a rope.

From May 2009

Nuture, my arse. That boy is genetically ALL boy and I refuse to admit having ANYTHING to do with it.

Have a nice day.


The Wifey said...

You did it! You have officially debunked the whole nurture debate!

The Wolford Family said...

DUH!! Have you met my son? the boy with 3 sisters? I could have told you that!! I did't tell him that while the girls are playing house he should 'attack' them by throwiung 'bombs' aka little people on them!!!

Amber C said...

Don't dispair! Devin used to use the remote control as a car when he was 7 months old, making vroom noises and everything. I hadn't gotten to that point yet of showing him anything. There really is a lot to be said for nature vs. nuture. There are still a lot of arguments to be made, but boys really are different than girls.

Kathleen said...

How does Derek the PhD MFT explain this?

Nay said...

The joys of raising boys!


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