Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If you can't beat 'em,

Join 'em.

What do you do in the summertime when your ghetto pool looks like this?
From May 2009

Yup, neon green.

Well, you get some water guns and some friends, and you go nutso.
From May 2009

And you get really wet.
From May 2009

From May 2009

And so you take off your clothes:
From May 2009

And finally, it gets so bad that the cooler full of water you were using to fill up your guns becomes your pool.
From May 2009

From May 2009

Could we be more white trash?

It's just SO hot, and you saw the pool! It's unfit for swimming. So, in the 100+ degree heat, we do what we gotta do. So, we are officially "ghetto." We're really embracing it these days.

Don't judge. We're only human. White trash, but human.


Anna said...

I can't believe that pool, its nasty!!

Chelsea said...

Awww! Spence has a little girlie friend!

I totally would've been there, super-soaker in hand.

jauna said...

Hey at least you have a cooler to use as a ghetto swimming pool right? I think those other kids in the complex walking around were kind of jealous...

Yasmine said...

I love you and your humor. And you guys are way too educated to be considered white trash. So there. Just a couple of diamonds in the rough. (D.I.T.R. for short. I think there's a club.)


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