Monday, May 11, 2009

The fight


It's constant people. I mean it, CONSTANT.

NO! I should not eat brownies.

But brownies taste SO good, and one little brownie won't really hurt, right?

NO!!!! I will not eat french fries today that I call a "treat" for the "boys!"

But if I only eat a few it's okay!

YES!!! I will ride my bike for 10 miles today.

But I'm so very tired. Maybe just 3 or 2...

I do not understand why I struggle so very very much with a "healthy" lifestyle. I just find the quick, easy junk to be ever so much easier. Hence why it's JUNK. Obviously, healthy is hard.

And I took the batteries out of my scale because I was obsessing.

It didn't help. I still obsess. The problem is, whether I'm being good or bad I still obsess.

It's very pathetic. I just want to be one of those hot, skinnny chicks who can eat whatevertheheck I want.

I am SO not one of those people. And so when scientists figure out how to alter one's DNA to be the skinny hot chick who can eat whatevertheheck one wants, I'm soooo gonna be there.

But in the meantime, I shall just keep riding, and trying to AVOID eating french fries. Sigh.

And, look who's awake:

From May 2009

And he's all, "Mom, whadareyadoin?"

But get a load of those cheeks

From May 2009

He's 10.5 pounds (last week) and I think that like 8 of those are in his cheeks.

From May 2009

And I'm all, "I'm gonna eat your cheeks!"
And he's right, so I quit trying to eat my child. He's just too darn cute.

THIS is why we sprung for the heavy-duty kids' shopping cart:

From May 2009

And finally, tonight, I put the kids to bed 20 minutes early because Henry said, "Mom, I'm really tired." And I was too, and I knew that if they didn't go to bed early I would lose all motivation to ride my bike. So off to dreamland they went. And then, I really did it! I rode my bike 11 miles.



Anna said...

good job Morgan!! your baby really does have delicious looking cheeks. :)

Emily said...

Yes, but hot skinny chicks don't have three adorable sons. :) So I think you're still ahead in the game. I say give yourself a break on this one. Forever.

Alisha said...

here here to Emily. This doesn't mean I don't get it. I so totally get it. I work out 1-2 hours almost daily and count calories etc and after doing this for MONTHS, I have finally lost 13 lbs. But I have stopped losing again and am still the same size (in clothing) that I was before and am frustrated.

Here's to you trying! Here's to hoping you don't inherit lousy thyroid issues.

And here's to highly kissable, very munchable and all around wonderful baby cheeks. The world is a better place for them.

The Wolford Family said...

This is why I look like I look. I enjoy food and it was meant to be enjoyed. I excersize- try chasing a loose sheep. But hey if that's not enough for me to be 110 lbs. oh well at least I'm not hungry!! HA HA HA!!!

Chelsea said...

As soon as we find that DNA thing, you and I can BOTH get it. I'm awful with healthy living, as well. I love fruits and veggies and salads and healthy food, but I absolutely HATE exercise.

Yesterday, I almost bought the book, "Skinny Bitch" by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. The description: "If you can't take one more day of self-loathing, you're ready to hear the truth: You cannot keep shoveling the same **** into your mouth every day and lose weight.

On the first page, it also talks about giving up all your gross habits--including smoking. It goes on to say that smoking is for losers, it's totally 1989 and is just plain uncool.

It's sassy and no-nonsense and it just might work.

Brian and Kelsey said...

Sister... 11 miles is awesome! I love your babies cheeks! You should do P90X... Brian lost 40 lbs in 45 days... You should get a friend or a spouse to do it with you that also would help... and give up on the no junk food just eat enough fruit to balance it out.

Carolyn said...

Stop obsessing about food and the like.

Read this. Feel empowered.


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