Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekend goings-on

We went to St. George this weekend for our friend's birthday celebration and we also decided to call it our Mother's Day celebration.

It was so fun! Until Henry threw up in the car after dinner. This frustrated me. I really shouldn't get frustrated anymore because Henry throws up ALWAYS when we go anywhere far from home. (Well, when we went to Laughlin, it was Spencer...)

When I (in my frustrated state) said, "Henry! Why did you throw up????"

He answered, "Because my tummy hurt."

Sigh. Talk about guilt. I felt so bad. Poor dear.

So, instead, we went to the store and myself, a pharm tech and a pharmacist tried to figure out what amount of dramamine you can give a 37 pound 3 year old.

It worked! 1/4 of a pill, mixed with a shot of juice, and he didn't throw up anymore. Carsickness is not my idea of fun.

We had a jacuzzi tub in our room and the boys thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic bubble bath. (Jets+bubbles=crazy fun). LOTS of superb bubbles:

From May 2009

From May 2009

It was HOT and there was a pool. The boys, with their floaties did GREAT. Spencer would say, "NO HOLD!" because he did not want help. They wanted to swim all by themselves. What big boys. Oliver enjoyed the pool in my "water sling" for a very short amount of time before he got too cold. Sweet baby was shivering. :(

From May 2009

From May 2009

From May 2009

From May 2009

It was a lovely weekend, other than the vomit, and trying to get Spencer to sleep when he wasn't contained in a crib (we forgot the packnplay at home...)Once we got home we had a graduation BBQ to go to which was a blast, but the children were exhausted tonight. They are all nestled snug in their beds with visions of swimming pools dancing in their heads. I'm going that direction myself soon.

And it is shocking how much laundry a 24 hour getaway can create. Really. Shocking.

But, regardless, Derek and I have concluded that we adore weekend getaways. Our kiddos do remarkably well when the trips are short-ish, and I can handle a bit of vomit I guess.

Happy Mother's Day to all.


Anna said...

We love St. george!!! What hotel did you stay at, it looks a lot like the one we did. How fun, don't you love mini vacations!!

Morgan and Derek said...

Anna- it's the same one. Thanks for the review. It's what made us book that particular place.

jauna said...

Umm... I didnt know Henry threw up!! poor kid.

Anna said...

oh good, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!!!

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah, Jauna, I totally forgot to tell you guys! It was after Walmart, before bed.

Anna- We loved it! It was so great.

Alisha said...

So glad you got a way. What a relief that you found a good amount to give Henry. Hopefully this works in the future for you too!

Alisa and Jared said... you're making me jealous. If only my only possible weekend getaway wouldn't include a $120 hotel and no in-room jacuzzi.

BloggingBills said...

We love weekenders also! Glad you had fun. We'll see you soon!



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