Tuesday, April 28, 2009

For what it's worth

I did indeed put ALL that laundry away last night. Well, Derek helped quite a bit. But either way, it all got put away. And the newest load is drying as I type. If only I could figure out WHY my laundry has tripled simply with the addition of one very small little man. Between diapers and spit-upon clothes, it's just a constant cycle of laundry, laundry, laundry. Ahhh, the joys of house-wifely-ness.

And to add sunshine to your day, a bit of baby gushy, smushy-ness.

From April 2009

Mmmm, delicious.

Oh, wait, one more!

From April 2009

Try not to eat his cheeks. It's hard, I know. :)


Nay said...

Bravo!! Laundry truly is never ending. I am notorious for shoving unfolded laundry in closest when guests come over. So I was excited to get a walk in closet in our new house for that reason! Now I do movie/folding night. Where I do laundry all day and pop in a movie at night and fold like a madwoman. Everyone has thier own basket. Now whether the clothes make it to thier drawers is another story!!

Anna said...

Ah, he is yummy!!

Jauna said...

umm i still have to do more.. woke up to some little kid that peed in my bed.. on my clean washed sheets... AFTER someone peed on my bed yesterday before bed...

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

What a cutie!!


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