Monday, April 27, 2009

Around the house

I told Henry yesterday, after church, to put his invitation to the primary activity ON the fridge. Today, I found it:

From April 2009

Yes, it was IN the freezer. He missed the point. Note the Toblerone and the cookie dough in the freezer. I am SO good, if it's in there, I don't eat it. :)

I am grateful for having a california king bed. Where the heck else would I put all this laundry? (I'm planning on putting it where it goes tonight, well, maybe. We'll see.)

From April 2009

I survived taking all three children to Smith's by myself. This was a first. AWESOME. Thank goodness for car carts, the boys drove and I bought peanut butter, fudgecicles and a fly swatter, which I never even got to use. Henry broke it as soon as we got home.

From April 2009

Please note, I should be a hand model, AND the odor-eaters spray in the background. It's not for who you think it is. It's Spencer's. His sandals REEK! It's frightening.

Henry was all, "Mommy, I want to take your picture!" And I was all, "OKAY!"

From April 2009

As he took the picture.

Today was a lovely day. It really was. We had a good day. Most of us got a long well all day. That's always a good thing.



Anna said...

Mikelle has stinky feet too, does that spray actually work?

Morgan and Derek said...

It smells "manly" which honestly is nearly as bad as the stinky shoes anyway... I make Derek spray it outside. :)

Yasmine said...

If I stick left over treats in the freezer I don't eat them either. It must be the fact that I'd actually have to THAW them out to eat them, and that's WAY to much waiting for me.

BloggingBills said...

We all need good days from time to time and it seems like you were overdue. Sounds like it was peaceful and pleasant and what more could we ask for! Lotsa Love to All!

Jauna said...

ok had I not seen this blog post I would NOT have known there was a Primary activity seriously. I wonder where he put his....


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