Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crap-tastic day

This post is about poop.

I'm just sayin'.

There was poop everywhere today. It was flying off the walls.

I wish I was joking.

It all started because the boys got up too early. And then proceeded to just act like crazed, caged monkeys with no moral compass all day long. At one point, Derek got Henry using the hallway as a potty. I wish I was kidding. At least it was just "#1" that time. The poop came later. So, I caught Henry in the bathroom later, after Derek left and it was so bad, my life flashed before my eyes...

I sent this exact e-mail to Derek today while he was at work:

... And be glad you're at work. Henry went #1 on the bathroom floor and then attempted to clean his own poop off, and ended up with poop all over the toilet and himself. I had to put him the shower.

Then I threw him in his bed because I was so furious. And he made so much noise he woke Spencer up after only an hour nap.

Today sucks.


So, then, later, in an attempt to save the day we went outside to play and Oliver EXPLODED ALL OVER ME! Poop. Everywhere. (This necessitated clothing change #3 for me today.)

Yup. Today was awesome.

Then, my sweet husband called and invited us to meet him for dinner, knowing I was struggling after the day I'd had. I was dubious, KNOWING that my kids were tired (both big boys up before 6) and grumpy, but nonetheless, we loaded up and drove downtown.

AND!!! It was bliss. The kids apparently just needed noodles and meatballs from Jason's Deli for dinner. (Who knew?) And then they went off to bed like the little angels they are. And my house is still trashed because we missed our nightly "quick pick-up" because we were late for bed.

But, I don't care because ALL THREE are asleep, and hopefully poop free. Truly, lately, most days have been great, so today caught me off-guard. We've all been adjusting happily to the changes that have come and it's been all good. I wasn't prepared for a day like today. And all the poop!

So, this ENTIRE post wasn't about poop, just the first half, and now the end...


Erin said...

You just gave me reasons 700 and 701...

Morgan and Derek said...

oh shut up.

Jauna said...

hopefully today wont be soo poop filled!

Anne said...

Nothing makes you feel more beautiful than baby poop running down your blouse, not to mention the joy of cleaning up toddler poop. I'm glad you survived the day! Bytheway, Oliver is such a cutie. Enjoy those boys of yours!

BrandonandJeana said...

I've always said that you're not truly a mom until you've been pee-ed, pooped, and puked on. Pooping I think I can handle when its the baby explosion, but not all over my house...I have severe gag reflexes. Better you than're one awesome mommy!

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Whew, rough day! I hate those poopy days.


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