Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a day

This morning, I woke up at the lovely hour of 7:30 which is a whole two hours later than usual, thanks to day-light-savings. And because I had the priviledge of waking up AFTER the sun, I felt motivated to start the day off right.

So, I did the dishes.

Big fat mistake.

From March 2009

And I have no idea how dish washing liquid got into the dishwasher, because I KNOW I put dishwashing machine soap in. You can't confuse the two, I have the little Cascade pouches for the dish washer. The only thing I can think is that Henry "helped."


I was innocently in the living room with Spencer when Henry declared, "There's bubbles in the kitchen!" and immediately I knew what had happened. It took three cycles to get all the bubbles out.

And here is Henry helping me clean up the water/bubbles.
From March 2009

In Spencer news: He's gotten in the habit of screaming to get what he wants. This drives me nuts! Yesterday he was being particularly obnoxious, so in frustration, I looked at him and said, "SPENCER! Just say PLEASE!"

He looks immediately at me wide-eyed and adorable and says, "Pwesh?" Stinker. I knew he could. So, now we've established that he CAN and he DOES. It's wonderful.

And here is Henry watching a movie during Spencer's nap. Why sit in one chair when you can have three?
From March 2009

And finally, Henry did not bite entirely through his lip, yay! But he still looks like he got in a bar fight. And to add injury to serious injury (and I mean that) he fell in the parking lot of the fabric store today and now has a big ole bloody lump on the side of his head. I don't know why, but when he gets hurt, he just run in streaks. Hopefully this current one is OVER!


Anna said...

oh the poor boy, he must look pretty beat up. Janette put dish soap in our dishwasher once too, hahaha, it was funny to me because after all I didn't have to clean it up. :)

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah, I had literally no idea how to UNDO what had been done. So, I just let it finish it's mess-making. Three times!

BloggingBills said...

He is totally your kid. You were black and blue for the first, ugh, 20 years of your life. You ran into, fell over, tripped on everything!

I'm sorry Henry is so much like you in that respect.


Sorry about the dishwasher, at least the floor was probably clean!


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