Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mommy Guilt

So, you know what guilt feels like. Mommy guilt is worse. It's approximately 10 times worse than regular guilt. (Assuming you're not REALLY a HORRIBLE person...)

Yeah, well, that's me right now.

Except, all I did was go to a church activity! What the heck is wrong with that?

Nothing, except that it STARTED when my kids were supposed to be going to bed. Derek works late on Wednesdays, so I'm usually homebound by 6:30.

I meant to only go and stay a moment, but well, it was a birthday party and it was fun. So I stayed. Henry played in the nursery and Spencer stayed with me, and it was totally great.

Until I realized how late it was. Then I hightailed it outta there. And I feel TERRIBLE! I kept my dear babies from their bed two hours later than I should have! Shame on me. :)

The worst, the absolute worst is that they won't sleep in tomorrow. I know it. They're going to wake up at 6:15. And be grumps all day.

Hence the regret. Sigh. I can't win. It was sure fun to have a night out though.

And in ghetto-news:

Management here in our apartment complex, CLEARLY took my complaints and bag of glass shards seriously. They have REALLY cleaned up the playground.

I mean, they must have because rather than finding a lot of BROKEN glass today, I found a HUGE (and I mean, extremely large) bottle of "Miller" somethingorother still wet with a bit of beer/spit in it on the playground, right where Henry was playing. Yum. A giant bottle of beer is ever so much better than broken glass, right?


1 comment:

BloggingBills said...

Of course it's better. Because your kids won't (because you have taught them better) guzzle what's left in the bottle.

DOn't feel guilty about going to RS for the birthday party. SOmetimes you have to take care of you and that's okay. The kids will 1) live
2) not remember that they stayed up late and 3) it won't matter in a week anyway.

So 'live a little'.



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