Monday, March 9, 2009

Something I learned today

My little tiny food processor does not make good smoothies.

In fact, it kind of makes a "chunky" which in texture is absolutely vomit-inducing, but in flavor, fabulous.

Why did I learn this?

Well, because Henry slipped at the playground and bit through his lip. I don't *think* he bit clear through, but I couldn't get a good look. All the swelling and blood made it very difficult. I'm hoping in the morning I'll be able to get a better glance.

Anyway, so he needed something to eat for dinner that wouldn't hurt him. I thought, PERFECT! Smoothies! I had a bag of frozen fruit and some juice, so I figured we were good. Except that my dumb blender was missing a piece, and I could not for the life of me, find the missing bit. So, out came the tiny food processor. And it really didn't work. But, Henry ate some, and Spencer flatly refused. :) The texture, I guess. He just couldn't handle it.

Why I didn't just put them in the car and drive-thru somewhere with shakes or something, I don't know. It honestly did not occur to me. Chunkies seemed to be the only option.

My brain is completely fried via pregnancy. I hope someday it comes back.


Erin said...

Poor little Henry! How did he bite his lip?!
Too bad about the "chunky" incident; it's probably have worked better if the fruit wasn't frozen-maybe throw it in the microwave for a few minutes next time to soften it up? No idea if it will work, but it might be worth a try. :-)

Morgan and Derek said...

I did soften it in the microwave first, but not TOO much because I didn't have any ice or ice cream, so I needed the fruit to act as the "ice" of the smoothie, which it did not. :)

He slipped on the stairs running up to the slide. There was much blood. I seriously thought he'd knocked teeth out. He didn't, luckily.

Chelsea said...

Poor Henry! I'm having sympathy pains all the way from WI!

Yasmine said...

You gotta get a magic bullet! It doesn't do all the cool stuff they promised it would on the infomercial because it turns everything I make into puree, but for smoothies and milkshakes it's perfect.

BloggingBills said...

Poor baby. The only problem is that if it needs stitches and you wait 24 hours they can't stitch it.

Sorry about the chunky-ness. You could just mash it real well and then add the juice.

Or drive to Sonic.

Morgan and Derek said...

Oh, a magic bullet! I love those infomercials. Everyone gets so excited about blended drinks!


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