Sunday, March 8, 2009

Viva Laughlin

We got to our hotel about 3pm and Spencer promptly christened the room by throwing up all over, including on my swim suit.

(Have I mentioned the strange phenomenon wherein one or both of my children ALWAYS vomits when we go away from home? Spencer wasted no time at all. We had been in the room for maybe 5 minutes.)

We went swimming OUTSIDE and it was FREEZING! Derek and Henry lasted 10 minutes and Spencer literally lasted 90 seconds. It was COLD! The pool was shaped like a train, which Henry liked. He didn't want to get out even though he was shaking so badly he couldn't even walk. I never made it in. I was too busy wrapping Spencer in 5 towels to warm him up.

Then, the TRAIN! It was quite exciting. Henry was thrilled. Spencer didn't care.

From March 2009

On the train, with great anticipation

From March 2009

From March 2009

We put the boys to bed right after a dinner of casino sandwiches (which were yummy), and I fell asleep by 8:30. I am a crazy party-animal.

Then this morning, I totally missed the whole clock changing thing, so I was just happy that both boys slept in until 6:15! But it was actually 7:15. Apparently, President Obama never got my letter about undoing the ridiculous time-changing things...

So, we decided to drive ourselves out to a "famous" "ghosttown" called Oatman Arizona, which is just about a half hour outside of Laughlin. They have "wild" burros that roam around, and for a dollar you can buy a bag of carrots to feed them. They boys were in love with them, except one, who was way too obnoxious and nearly headbutted Henry into a rock. Most were very gentle. Spencer fed them without any problems.

But our faves were the brand new babies. They had stickers stuck to their heads that looked like this:

From March 2009

It's hard to see but they were "no carrots" stickers. The babies were too little to eat the carrots but REALLY wanted them. So the people in the town mark the ones you're not supposed to feed. It was really quite cute.

And the burros just wander around everywhere, store fronts included.

From March 2009

The ghost town isn't really a ghost town at all, just a town that is nothing but a tourist trap now. It was a blast. We ate funnel cakes and frozen chocolate bananas at the Old Oatman Hotel. YUM!

From March 2009

Spencer stealing Derek's bite:

From March 2009

Everything in the town is based on the word "ass" because of the burros. It's quite hilarious, as, that is my favorite swear word.

From March 2009

From March 2009

From March 2009

So, it was a great, fast trip. We're home 24 hours after leaving. It was a lot of fun for everyone and with only one vomit-experience, a success. :)


Alisa and Jared said...

Love the head stickers...I first thought it was a no-smoking sign!

Glad the trip was successful. Yikes...throwing up? Wish us luck...Ella threw up all morning, and we leave in 2 days...let's get this all out NOW!!


BloggingBills said...

HEy, our favorite 'vacations' are day or overnight trips. Glad it was fun.


Emily said...

I threw up a TON as a kid, sometimes from motion sickness in a car, but often from nervousness as well. I'd usually throw up my first night away from home, like on vacations. As I got older, I'd usually be sick the morning of the first day of school or the first day of finals in high school. Anyway, so they might be too young to express it, but maybe there's something like that going on with your kids. I don't think I put together the "Oh, this is what it feels like to be nervous, and it makes me sick" until I was a teenager. Good luck!

Amber C said...

I'm glad that Spencer made a quick recovery! The train looks like fun! I love ghost towns! They are so much fun!
Congrats on a successful weekend trip!


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