Thursday, March 12, 2009

Better than organic

That's right.

Today I had a mommy moment that officially was akin to or even slightly better than moms who feed their children exclusively organic food.

That's right. I was THAT good.

I let my kids....


Nay, I did not "let" them, it was my friggin' idea! YES! IT WAS!

See? I told you, better than "organic mom." The only thing that would have made me better is if I had MADE the finger paint, which I did not.

So, it started out as just Henry, while Spencer ate his lunch.

From March 2009

Henry was nervous and unsure. Here I was thrusting bright colored paint at him and telling him to go nuts. It was unnerving I'm sure.

From March 2009

From March 2009

But he figured it out. And then he really got going.

From March 2009

Then Spencer joined in.

From March 2009

From March 2009

Then Henry wiped his hand in hair.

From March 2009

"Oh, Mom, I can't put my hands in my hair???"
From March 2009

Then we scrubbed hands and my boys spent five minutes "getting the crickets" with shoes. There were no crickets to get, but who the heck am I to question their entertainment choices?

From March 2009

See? I am better than organic.

AND in awesome homebirth news, I have EVERYTHING on my list, including the "birth kit" which came today and contained amazing items such as latex gloves and gigantic maxi pads! WOOT! I am ready, Baby. Four more weeks til the due date, and this little stinker better freaking be on time.

From March 2009

See all my stuff? Only thing left is the tub which is getting dropped off in two weeks! YAY!


Anna said...

Morgan, you are so brave to have a home birth, I would be too nervous plus I don't think they would do an epidural at home, and that is a requirement for me if I'm to give birth. :)

The Wifey said...

I can't WAIT to hear about your homebirth! I will be living vicariously through you!

Lindsey said...

What a fun day! It looks like everyone had lots of fun. Good luck with your home birth. I agree with Anna, you are a brave woman. :)

Chelsea said...

"Getting the crickets" seems very much akin to the "snakes" that Henry saved us from all summer. I love imagination games.

Jen said...

We asked for and received finger paint for Christmas...but have yet to let Ethan try it! I did let him do play-doh (right after I sweeped and mopped even).

I'm glad you're all ready for baby...hope he comes soon!


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