Friday, February 6, 2009

TGIF field trip

It was slightly rainy today.

SLIGHTLY. It is Vegas afterall.

So, we loaded up and drove the 10 miles to the Children's Museum. It took 45 minutes! Gotta love traffic in the big city.

We had absolutely NO expectations for this little trip because we knew the museum was tiny. And after seeing the Lincoln, NE Museum, we knew not to hope for much. (The Lincoln museum is amazing!)

But, there is a visiting Clifford the Big Red Dog display, and well, it was worth the drive.

Sadly, we arrived only an hour before they closed (I thought they'd be open until 5 and they closed at 4.) So, we bought a family pass for the year, because I had no interest in paying $35 for an hour of playtime...

Here is the proof that tiny children's museums are worth the money:

Spencer explaining to the statue of Emily Elizabeth that Clifford is awesome.

From Feb 2009

Spencer LOVING Emily Elizabeth
From Feb 2009

We visited "Birdwell Island" and for all you ignorants out there, that is the island that Clifford resides on. DUH! You need to watch more PBS at 6:30 in the morning. ;)

Henry feeding Clifford (Foam bones and a conveyor belt)
From Feb 2009

Clifford is 9 ft tall.
From Feb 2009

There was also a toddler tunnel area. That was a hit.
From Feb 2009

And giant bubbles
From Feb 2009

From Feb 2009

And tons more, but then, the announcement was made... we had to leave.

And this is what we had:
From Feb 2009

From Feb 2009

And sincer we bought an annual pass, we'll be back. I shudder to think what will happen when the Clifford display goes away in May... We are in trouble.


Alisha said...

That is hilarious! Jason and I both chuckled. It is so funny how attached they get. We loved the pictures!

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Hehe! How cute! That is the exact same reaction Andrew would have! Gotta love children's museums!

Jen said...

How fun!! The Clifford display sounds great. We love the Children's museum here too!

BloggingBills said...

I'm sorry Spencer didn't want to leave. At least you can go back. You'll also find a new travelling display after May. Oh, maybe you can come here and live and we can go to the one at the Gateway.


Yasmine said...

Ha ha-- I just posted my trip to a childrens museum and then I checked out your blog--ha ha, coincidence!

Ours didn't have a clifford display though. That would have been cool.


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