Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Home again Home again

Jiggity, Jog.

So, we're home from our Utah vacation. It was crazy, with lots of running around getting shopping done. But, we did have a blast hanging out.

However, for some reason, whenever we leave our own little apartment and venture out for any kind of over-night adventure, one or both of my children vomits.


I don't know.

True to form, Spencer choked on a bit of chocolate and puked all over my parents' carpet.

And not to be outdone, EVEN THOUGH WE WERE HOME, at dinner tonight, Henry announced his belly was sore, and then promptly threw up.


So, we tucked them into bed a half hour early.

Henry and his cousin Zachary decorating cookies with Granne. (Because it is required that children bake cookies with their grandmothers... right? I never did, but whatever.)

From Feb 2009

From Feb 2009

Spencer climbed up on the table one night after dinner and started dancing his little rear off, with no music. So, we started singing and clapping and he went to town. It was HYSTERICAL!

And finally
From Feb 2009

We went shopping and I got Henry a new swim suit for this summer (which will start here in Vegas in like a week) and well... Spencer fell in love with the fact that Buzz was on the shorts. So, he insisted that HE get to wear them (remember, they are HENRY'S swim trunks) and since it's cold in Utah, this is the final ensemble. Nice, eh?

Tomorrow, real life begins again. Derek's back at work, and I'm... doing what I always do.

If anyone has any magic cures for the sorest throat I've had in years, please let me know.


(That was weird... I shouldn't end blog posts that way. I'm more a fan of abrupt endings.)


Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

My kids always throw up too! Those are sweet little pictures of your kids! It looks like you had a fun time!

jauna said...

hey theres a magical secret mixture you gargle that works for sore throat.. let me look for the "recipe" and i'll tell ya.

ps glad you're back!

Melissa said...

My boys both used to get car sick on EVERY trip. We'd drug them with Benadryl and that usually helped a lot. Lately we've managed to avoid the drugging, normally, and they've become great travelers.

Thanks for the hugs and kisses! I needed them today. Don't we always need them? ;)

Kara said...

My Spencer threw up today ... twice, it was super awesome. okay, yeah. Anyways. I'm glad you're home, and bummed we couldn't see you but for sure next time.
As for the sore throat, the girls on our board said that lemon juice and honey together works (with hot water as a little tea type drink). I tried it, and it really does help a ton. You can google it and find how different people like it. Assuming it's your sore throat ... lol


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