Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The face of gastroenteritis

I don't really know IF that is what they had, or what the deal was but, my goodness.

So, after Henry yakked up his dinner, and we put them to bed, we thought we were in the clear.

HA! 30 minutes after my last blog post, I rushed to the boys' room hearing that lovely and disgusting sound of SOMEONE throwing up. I thought it was Henry.

It was Spencer. And it was GROSS.

So, we changed his bed, and his jammies and got him all ready for bed again, but I could still *smell* vomit. So, I checked Henry.

He was asleep in a pool of... never mind. So, we woke him up and changed him and got Spencer back in his bed.

And then I ran out of bedsheets cuz they did it ALL again.

So, we ended up sleeping them with blankies and pillows in our room.

And this morning, they were fine, totally and completely fine.

6 loads of vomit-covered laundry later, you'd never know what we all went through in the dark of night.

I really hope Derek and I avoid whatever it was that made them sick. But, I'm kinda doubting it.


Right now, Bup-Bup is tumbling around in the dryer, after sitting in a bath of vinegar and baking soda. Thank goodness for a back-up Bup-Bup.


BloggingBills said...


Your dad came home from work after parent teacher conferences (8 pm) and is super sick. He was sick in the night and is still woozy. No yakking (yet) but you never know.

Sorry, but your kids probably got it here. I blame Sarah.


Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Did you just get caught up on your laundry? That is why my kids always throw up all over the bed linens. It happens right when I just washed everything!!!! I am so sorry Morgan! I hope you stay well! That is not fun at all!

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Ugh, that's awful! Get better (stay better?)!

McEuens said...

My sincerest sympathies. After reading your last post I did wonder if you weren't in for a rough night of barfing.

Having dealt with this way too many times myself (my children always wait until I put them to bed to throw up -- usually right after a bath and a fresh change of sheets), I have started putting down towels in their beds as soon as they throw up the first time, and then they sleep on top of the towels. I have a lot more towels than sheets, and they're easier to take on and off the bed, plus they absorb more of the vomit than a sheet does, significantly decreasing the likelihood of it leaking through to the mattress pad and mattress (yuck!). I'd also suggest running your washing machine with just bleach once through to kill the nasty bugs. I'm convinced that doing that and using a whole lotta hand sanitizer was all that spared the rest of us from catching Evan's stomach bug last month. I'm just glad your kids aren't still barfing. Last January Evan threw up every 20 minutes for six hours straight. And then for 18 hours after that would throw up again if he consumed anything, including water. (Which is why we ended up in the ER with an IV....) I really, really hope neither you nor Derek gets sick now!

Amber C said...

I get gastroenteritis where my stomach lining inflames up. I was taking Zantac for it and quit because I was feeling better. After about 2 good stomach months, it's back again and so is the Zantac. I hate having a yucky (for lack of a better word) feeling stomach. I don't want to eat, and I can't sleep. Your poor boys, they didn't feel guilty for throwing up did they? Devin apologizes when he throws up. Did you get a nap yet? Yes, I know, that's hilarious because with two, young, and active kids that is highly unlikely. I hope there isn't a repeat!

Morgan and Derek said...

Thanks everyone! We seemed to have survived, and neither Derek or I have had any issues. Let's hope it continues!

Jen said...

Did you guys end up sick too? A couple weeks ago both my boys had this too--yuck!!

BloggingBills said...

P.S. Your dad feels super guilty.


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