Thursday, February 19, 2009

In our town...

for some reason, charities/causes feel the need to set up booths in front of stores and bug the people going in and coming out for donations.

It's ALL.THE.TIME. I have tried to avoid people with their need for money at the following places MORE THAN ONCE:

Walmart (duh)
Sams Club
The Pizza Joint
The Mall

And Walmart is usually at least once a week!

Here's my problem- they chase you down! It's not like they sit politely off to the side and wait for people to come to them. NO! They stop you on your way in, and if you try to shake 'em off, they catch you on the way out.

I have serious anxiety about this. As I am parking the car, I notice them standing there, all irritatingly, and try to see if I can escape them by going in the OTHER door, or if perhaps I run they won't notice me. I HATE IT!

Okay, so, that's annoying. But, really, really there is more to the problem.

I am juggling two little boys, and if it's on the way OUT, also purchases. I do not want to listen to you tell me why it's important to donate to Youth Leadership.

And, I have no interest in giving money I DON'T HAVE to charities I know nothing about. I am not going to write you check just because you are annoying outside of the Walmart.

Today, the woman was SO in my face, that I finally interrupted her and said, "NO THANK YOU!" and ran inside.

And on the way out, she was busy shaking down some other poor soul, so I ran out as fast as I could so she couldn't try again.

She called after me, "Don't worry, we're here all weekend."


P.S. This is my 200th post. Just thought you should know.


Chelsea said...

You need to take ninja lessons from John. That'll show 'em!

I want to smack that lady FOR you, and I wasn't even there. Why do people think that being rude/annoying or blatant harassment will actually work in their favor?

Brian and Kelsey said...

I feel your pain. Sometimes I have found it is best to pretend to be interested though. Like if you say, Im in a hurry today, could you give me a flyer or pamphlet with more information and a contact number. Keep said flyer so that on the way out you can sort of causally wave it so they don't get you on the way out... that way you don't have to avoid them.

Erin said...

I think Kelsey's idea is brilliant.
go with that.

BloggingBills said...

Tell them that your pshrink won't let you donate to any more causes because you are a compulsive 'donator you wrote a bogus check to "save the whales" and got featured on the front page of their newsletter, only to have them print a retraction the next month because the 1.4 million dollar check bounced and that's why you are shopping at Walmart.


Morgan and Derek said...

Kelsey- I've done that. But, honestly, I just can't, not with the boys, Henry is running away, Spencer is squirming and I just DON'T WANT TO!

Perhaps, I'll try mom's approach...

Ninja lessons will have to wait until post-baby. ;)

jauna said...

I think Walmart ones are the WORST.. and its not just one or 2 stores its EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! and I think i can count on one hand the # of time's we've gone and not had someone ask for this or that charity. Tod buys enough stuff from fundraisers at school here or there that we just wont do it. but tods a sucker for that kind of stuff and has given in a few times...

and if you try to go in the other door or leave from the other door.. it doenst work they are working BOTH sets of doors.. just a warning, we've tried before..
what works best is make NO eye contact at all. and pretend they arent there!


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