Wednesday, February 4, 2009

31 weeks...

So, we saw the Midwife today. Henry LOVES the midwife. I mean it. I bet he grows up and gets his CNM. (which isn't totally unheard of... my sister had a male midwife named Dale...)

Henry loves to measure, smoosh my tummy and listen with the "microphone" as he calls the doppler. It's quite cute. Spencer... does not care and is happy that she has toys.

Kim is great all around. :)

So, I'm gaining a ton of weight. Sigh.

And the baby is transverse. (Meaning he's sideways, not head up or head down) And posterior.

Now, granted at 31 weeks, I don't blame him. I wouldn't want to chill out upside down with my head wedged in somebody's pelvis for 9-11 weeks either.

Except that by 28 weeks BOTH of my other kids were in the right position. And I'm worried this lil' dude will not scooch over.

AND it hurts like a cotton-headed-ninny-muggins to have a baby laying crosswise. He's all smooshed and kicks me in the ribs. And the hips.

Sheesh, kid, flip over and under and life will be great!

So, whatever. I'm up to 2 weeks between appointments, so in 14 days, we'll make sure he's where he's supposed to be. I won't really "worry" for another month.

Pregnancy is great. It really is. Don't let my grumping confuse you. It's a blessing and all... it really is.



Erin said...

liar. you are not fooling me.

Yasmine said...

Love the ELF reference. You're not a're just special.

Becky said...

Yes, it is wonderful, but it's not the most comfortable thing in the world, by any means. I hope the little guy does some schooching around real soon!

Morgan and Derek said...

Erin- I'm not lying! I speak only the truth.

Yaz- I was wondering if anyone would catch that. ;)

Becky- It's true, and I'm hoping for some scooching as well. :)

BloggingBills said...

You are not a cotton-headed ninny muggins, but you do have me worried. What happens if Maynard doesn't decide to flip down?



Morgan and Derek said...

Mom- who knows? Transverse + Natural delivery is NOT an option. So, there ya go. He will, he'll flip downward, and we'll be good.


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