Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years

We are HOME!

I know you're wondering, "You weren't at home?"

No, we were not.

After our rockin' Christmas here in Vegas, the party moved, unexpected north to Utah, because my grandmother was coming for an unexpected visit. Derek and I really wrestled with making the drive, but in the end, up we went.

So, we're home, a day late.

Why were we not home yesterday?

Because we had to get our car fixed. It was bizarre and totally brought on Dejavu from last year.

Remember last year?

But, this year, we did not get stranded on New Year's Day. We got the car fixed YESTERDAY and just drove home today.

MUCH better.

Ready for the highlights? Here we go!

Henry going sledding with my dad and his cousins. He is STILL talking about it, and it was 3 days ago,. He loved it.

Kelsey's puppy attacking everyone and everything that moved.

Spencer falling down ALL the stairs to the basement. (He survived unscathed.)

Me, running to save my baby and falling down ALL of the stairs. Yeah, I'm a freaking genius. I managed to completely whack my back out. GO ME! Have I mentioned how clumsy I am when pregnant?

Staying up until 2:00 with my siblings, laughing my head off.

Accidently balding my brother. He asked for a haircut, I obliged. I took the guard off to trim something, and failed to put it back on.

The result:

From Jan 2009

Luckily, the bro-in-law Brian, came in and, uh, pointed out that I was balding him and the horror was stopped short.

Partying for New Years with the 'rents, and grand'rents. Seriously, we laughed so hard. It was fun. We stayed up WAYYYYY too late, considering we had to get up and drive home today.

We survived the drive home. BARELY.

It has been a lovely Holiday season. Exhausting, but lovely.

Except for the balding of my brother.... I did feel badly about that.


Alisa and Jared said...

Oops! Sorry bro!

BloggingBills said...

We were delighted you could come. It was so wonderful to have almost everyone here!

Thanks for making the long haul!
Incidently, unless you are taller than Joshua, you can't see the 'balding'. (Which I'm not, so I can't)

Love ya


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