Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More on the potty-front

I swear, not every post is going to be about potty training. But, the fact is, it's my life at the moment, so that's what I've got to talk about.

Today, after his FIRST successful #2 trip (in which he kicked me out of the bathroom) Henry declared, "That was fun! I like pooping in the potty!"

Yes, folks, pooping on the potty is not just a good idea, but it is a BLAST!

Only two accidents. Not bad for a full day of underwear.


What a great kid.


Kara said...

Hooray!!! That is awesome news, really, I understand. I have the book you used on hold at the library, b/c Kate totally wants to use the potty, and asks to, but then has a hard time. We'll see how it goes. Anyways, hooray for Henry!

Alisha said...

That is incredible! I am insanely jealous. I know Coralie is not yet 2 1/2. She likes to sit on the toilet but we haven't actually 'gone' for about 2 months. *sigh* oh well. I just keep hoping. She can't to preschool next year unless she is potty trained. I really will have to check out this book

Morgan and Derek said...

Yes, I HIGHLY recommend the book. The author is so honest about it all. She tried EVERYTHING for her little guy, and his preschool deadline was coming up. So she designed the party-idea.

Basically, she lays out readiness cues and then says, "If you don't do EXACTLY what I say, it won't work." And then she qualifies it even more and says, "And if you do EXACTLY what I say and it still doesn't work, then your kid wasn't ready, so wait and try again in a few months."

So, I went through and typed up an outline from her book and taped it to the wall. Then I followed every single step exactly.

And, well, it worked.

Life is good.

(By the way, I wish her BOOK had the outline that I created, it's the only thing I would change about the book.)

And the exact title is "Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day"

by Teri Crane.


Yasmine said...

I hated potty training Hunter more than I've ever hated anything in the whole world. I'm going to have to try that book with the next one.

BloggingBills said...

You were potty trained by the 'Toilet Training in less than a day" method: doll, salty snacks, little potty, lots of drinks, etc...... It worked with all of you (except Caleb).

Congrats Henry!


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