Friday, December 26, 2008

Lots and lots of people

made for a wonderful, insane Christmas this year.

We had 14 people sleeping in my little house, with an additional four hanging out during the day.

Oh, and a puppy.


So, here's the picture-run down:

Downtown Vegas

From Christmas 2008

Beginnings of insanity
From Christmas 2008

Writing to Santa
From Christmas 2008

Because my little apartment doesn't have a fireplace, we bought a "fireplace" DVD and played it so, the little kids thought Santa would come through the TV that we paid extra to have converted into a fireplace.

From Christmas 2008

Christmas morning
From Christmas 2008

Notice that everyone has the same t-shirt on. It's part of the deal with our family. You get together, you get a t-shirt. :)

With 18 people, it took 3 hours for present-opening.


From Christmas 2008

Spencer with his shopping cart

From Christmas 2008

At some point, the puppy finally had had enough Christmas
From Christmas 2008

She's cute when she's sleeping.

Christmas Carol Pictionary, it got a little heated...
From Christmas 2008

So, we had a lovely Christmas, everyone was here, it was great. They all got up this morning and went home. It was quite a difference, every inch of space filled, back to just the four of us. My kids had a great few days, and they are going to have cousin-withdrawl.

Merry Christmas!


Alisha said...

You have a dog? WOW. Lilly will be insanely jealous.

Morgan and Derek said...

No. Oh, heavens no.

That dog is not mine.

No,no,no. :) It's my little sister's puppy.

We are not crazy, we do not believe in having dogs in apartments.

I hear you get to go to Cancun. YAY!


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